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  • The topic under consideration pertains to matters that are both legal and religious in nature.

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    Can I vape and masturbate wearing a tulsi kanthi mala?

    Wearing kanthi mala is for those who are following 4 regulative principles. The four regulative principles are 

    1. No meat eating , No abortion. 

    2. No Intoxication - Drugs, liqour, nicotine, caffine etc

    3. No Gambling - Risking money on chance

    4. No Illicit sex - Sex outside of marriage

    Masturbation is considered as illicit sex. Below purport from Srila Prabhupada clarifies it. 

    As far as the urges of the genitals are concerned, there are two – proper and improper, or legal and illicit sex. When a man is properly mature, he can marry according to the rules and regulations of the śāstras and use his genitals for begetting nice children. That is legal and religious. Otherwise, he may adopt many artificial means to satisfy the demands of the genitals, and he may not use any restraint. When one indulges in illicit sex life, as defined by the śāstras, either by thinking, planning, talking about or actually having sexual intercourse, or by satisfying the genitals by artificial means, he is caught in the clutches of māyā. (Purport Shloka 1 , Nectar of Instruction)

    Should I avoid it? 


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