Hare krsna mataji and prabhuji. Pls KINDLY accept my HUMBLE obesiances.I think this earth is quite uncomfortable for spiritual practice as here my own parents are against my progress, there is also danger of COMMITING various kinds of APRADHAS Due to illusion and because of CONTAMINATED heart.And again here on earth one has to work so hard to maintain his living. Also there are so many bad people on this planet, every time a risk of DOWNFALLSo I think that Dhruvaloka is the best planet for cultivating krsna consciousness as there pious living entities dwell. And there great devotee Dhruva Maharaj resides so such a great opportunity to learn bhakti from him.So Can Anybody Tell me how to approach Dhruvaloka?Firstly I want to have association of SAINTLY people and then I want to go to Golok, I know that here also on planet earth devotees are there but all are busy in their particular seva. Noone has time for me.So pls help me to reach Dhruvaloka.PLS ALSO I WANT TO KNOW THE DESCRIPTION OF DHRUVALOKA. PLS SOMEBODY TELL.

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              • hare krishna, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada          

                              In the brahma jyothi One loses his individuality and unites into the supreme brahman . so No Individuality there. But the Bliss of the vaikunta planets is millions of times more than the Brahma jyothi Bliss. Also one may again fall down to the matirial world from the Brahmajyothi .

                • Thank you Vijay ji for the answer. A person can also fall down from Vaikuntha too as he is independent.

                  A person may have millions of dollar but still  may not be happy ,where as the person who has nothing can still live happy.

                  1. Please can you explain what is bliss( millions times more)?

                  2. What is supreme brahman?

  • I would also be looking for this answer from senior devotees. I think all karma can be done on this earth only.  Mostly other higher planets are  acquired by pious activities of your karma credits.One can enjoy five star motel using his money(bank balance) and once your money is finished you need to leave the five star hotel. Please don't misunderstand as I am trying to compare from material point of view. I am giving you my opinion so please apologize if is not applicable in this case.

    • Hare krsna and sorry prabhu I did not get my answer.
      I can understand that one has to come back after his pious activities are over but also one should not forget that on higher planetary system the life is very long.
      And SECONDLY Dhruvaloka is an amazing planet as it is the only Vishnu planet throughout all the planetary system through out the material universe, so it is simply TRANSCENDENTAL and Eternal.
      So it is just like Golok. So why one should not go there?
      •    Just a suggestion... no one has proven transmigration so... this may be the only life you get .. so maybe live more in this life and less worry about other lives?

        • Sevak

          Hare Krsna 

          As suggested please create a group for devil's advocate

          Then within the group give people a chance to answer the questions of devil's advocates

          Hare Krsna

      • I believe it is personal choice of the individual which planet to go in the spiritual world depending on your bhakti and karma. Anyone going to spiritual world never come back to this material planets.There are lot of planets in spiritual world such as bhrama jyoti, sadashiv,Ayodhya, Vaikuntha, Golok. I believe lord is so merciful when a soul becomes pure, all his material contamination is washed away, he will be able to go to loka according to his desire to serve the lord or bhramajyoti if you dont want to serve the lord. 

  • Hare Krsna Prabhuji Pamho agtsp

    You could take inspiration from Dhruva Maharaj's life . He was a small boy of 5 yrs old and at that age  he took to bhakti.. He was very determined. Lord Krishna was so pleased that He appeared in Narayana form ( four handed) and gave His blessings .

    Dhruva Maharaj also took the instructions of Narada Muni and chanted the mantra given to him. 

    So we can also chant the Holy names Hare Krsna given to us by the parampara Iskcon Prabhupad..... Coming down through disciplic succession directly from Lord Krishna and distributed by Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

    Lord Krishna would be very pleased for taking inspiration from His pure devotee Dhruva Maharaj.

    And here also, on earth, when you listen to kathas, lectures, read SP books etc etc, you are in association of Saintly devotees only. 

    • Hare krsna Mata and Aapke chrnoon mein sat sat pranam.
      Sorry mata but I did not get proper answer to my question.
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