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Can committing sin through thoughts turn into reality

Hare Krishna,

                       I wanted to ask  how strong our thoughts are. Is it possible for evil thoughts about somebody to actually turn into reality ? For eg, If we think enough of killing someone just in our thoughts (minds), is it possible for it to actually happen ? 

Hare Krishna

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No harm will come to anyone who turns you away from negativity and makes you positive.

Reality is a complacated thing, as it is ever-changing/transcending.
One might become relentlessly disposed to SuperImposing one's will upon another or others, however, if it is understood or / revealed that one's intentions are disruptive or distrutive in their intintions ? What supports will one aquire? But yes* the "Mah-ha-Barretta sites several insadence that by crafty sacrafice (s) offerrd to *obligate & oblige the truly-impowered dimigods, when they can be inspired to offer a binnadiction, they can be granted for the detriment of others! Thorough a one-pointed Yoga practice/attentively -& relentlessly serving an impowered dimigod! Karmicly however, their could be retaliation or other reactions such as indebtedness! Yes even the most saintly can be accosted by the worst of the worst intintions of the Dominic. It's true!

Chanting is so powerful that it will purify our desires and grant us that which is helpful for our devotion. 

Hare Krsna
For the accomplishment of any action there are five causes. Namely
1) The place of action, the body, this is where the thought is taking place.
2) The performer, the one who is having the thought.
3) The many different kinds of endeavor, this largely depends on the modes of nature which one has inherited.
4) The various senses involved in that action.
5) Ultimately the Supersoul.
Lord Krsna says in the conclusive chapter eighteen of the Bhagavad Gita that one who doesn't consider all these five factors for the accomplishment of any action is certainly not intelligent and cannot see things as they are.


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