Can a ghost jump into me?

I am chanting 16 rounds a day before work. The child I take care of is now going to a school full of children who are developmentally delayed(mentally retarded). It seems to me that some of these poor children are definately being haunted by ghosts. How can I prevent one of those ghosts from coming after me and jumping into my body? Thanks.

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  • dats ok...Hari bol, ..  :)

    • Thanks Bhaktin Maral

      So we will get to watch the cremation of our own body. Yes, I can see how that can be helpful.

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    :-( :-( yesterday till late night searched whole Bhagavatams, Garuda Purana and Mahabharata where i got this information about "seven months". could not find. But i am sure that i read it somewhere 4-5 years back and it struck in my mind.
    Maybe the things go like the next:

    when person dies he is very attached to his gross body, because of that in Aryan culture we fire it. In other religions they put into the earth. we give to fire in order as quickly as possible to break out his attachment to this body and let him go to the next birth. but if we do not do so the soul in subtle body will lament around the dead body until that body fully destroys. (and maybe the body is destroyed in some months by the worms and other insects).
    In Muslim religion they do some sacrifices in every 3 days, 1 month, 3 month, 7 month, then every one year. (it is something like that).
    Only Sadhus' bodies are not given into fire because Their body is spiritual.
    Your servant,
  • Hare Krishna. I hadn't heard of the 7 month delay either. I had heard it was only about one month. So are we ghosts for those 7 months? What kind of ghosts are we? Where do we stay? Thanks so much.
  • @Mataji
    Hare Krishna..

    can you give me some specific books from which i can get to know regarding that "7 month" thing..
    i somehow am still not satisfied cz i had never heard that b4..
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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    Gaurav Singh Prabhu, it says that as soon the person dies within 7 months he should be given another body. But those who did suicide they did not finish their present karma, because of that even though they left their gross body they will stay in subtle body in order to finish-fully use their karma-fate. and until to create another karma for a particular living being.
    Your servant,
  • @Sudheendra pr !

    but as far as i know as soon as the soul leaves the body, it enters the other body in fraction of a second..


    stop scaring me :P m not even a 16 round continuous chanter till now :(

    • Dont worry gauravji, as long as we chant daily irrespective of the no of rounds , krsna knows r intention..and he shall definitely protect us frm all forms of danger . I have just began chanting 8 ends a day and yet I feel the satisfaction of being in KC. My Prabu told me that if we can't chant due the various reasons in chant more than 1 end at least chant 1rnd .  It will keep. Our soul happy
      • HK,


        but this does not answer my question ..


        my question was -  " i had heard in some lecture a few years ago that as soon as the soul leaves the body, it enters a new body " so don't you feel that this statement contradicts with the ghost existence theory??

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    @Gaurav pr

    yes ghosts really exists. It is a very horrible situation where in the living entity looses its gross body but has its subtle body and wants to fulfill all its desire but there is no gross body to assist it. So it tries to highjack other humans body to satisfy its senses.


    Hari bol!!!!

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