Can a Dog change man's fortunes?

Dear Devotees, it seems that the lal kitab is the original & the most authentic shastra of astrology. It seems that its written than if we keep dog as a pet or feed stray dogs it will bring lots of money, peace & prosterity in our house. how much truth is there in these?

Courtesy of these jyotishis who come on tv & say these things people have started doing the same resulting in many dogs continously barking even in night, disturbing sleep, making streets dirty. biting small kids or any one. they bark even at the cops patrolling...LOL

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    • I agree with you 100% nilesh bhimaji pawar. Cats and dogs are also part and parcel of Lord Krishna. My cats always stay indoors. They love to hear Hare Krishna CD's. There are many reports of dogs  saving their human companions. In the USA recently, a cat saved the life of a child who was being attacked by a dog.

    • harE krishnA, Nilesh Pr, the dog you raise is blessed to live and serve in the house of a devotee. Cow protection is mentioned in vedic scriptures as Cow's products are pure, helps the welfare of all human beings who consume cow's products and cows can be used in the service of Krishna. It is mentioned in scriptures that in a house where Go-Mata and Tulsi Mata are present, evil souls or spirits can't enter. Raising the dog for the dog's welfare is better than for one's personal benefit. A Dog doesn't have discrimination in the sense that any other person(s) who doesn't belong to its master or master's family, a dog will consider as an enemy and can bark/bite. However, a Cow is sadhu compared to Dog and it doesn't differentiate people. Psychologically reasoning while it may be said that raising animals can raise one's compassion levels, it can't also be denied that an animal's behaviour can influence our behaviour while we are already under the control of material modes of nature.

      ||shri krishna sharanam mama||

      • i have not compared dogs with cow.

        cow and dog had different role in our life.

        compassion and defence are both equally important till one reaches to pure devotion stage.

        animal behaviour can influence but more than that human behaviour affects us..


        • Hare Krishna Nilesh Prabhu. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

          I respect your feelings, I too have dogs in my home and every day i feed stray dogs as well.. Yes I am in KC and  everyday m increasing my rounds also but at a  same time i too have a very soft corner for animals also... i get immense satisfaction while feeding poor little stray doggies... who are totally dependent on us.. as i am dependent on Krishna.

          Your Servant

          Amit Mehra

    • Volunteer

      wow!!! Dog in Indian house!!! What a surprise!!!

      it is true that dogs are very good animals but it is not true to keep them in the house but outside the house - in the yard. Otherwise they do not follow cleanliness standards according to Pancharatra pradipa. Because of that they become a medium between us and other subtle worlds.

      Srila Prabhupada says that cleanliness is our strength. And if we are not clean we become weak and will be easily attacked by subtle living entities like ghosts.

      It is very dangerous to keep animals inside the  house. 

      And if it is so one can not worship Deities at home. 

      Dog also will be degraded because his duty is to protect the house from outside world but if he eats food for Rs 1000 and sleeps in a soft sofa then he will be surely degraded. 


      and about helping the to become Devotees.

      Only Lord Chaitania had such like power of making animals to chant the Holy Names. In one lecture i heard that we should not imitate Him. We are not even able to uplift ourselves what to speak of making a Devotee from a dog????? For sure we can help them by giving Prasadam but again, it is not good to keep them within the house.

      Your servant,

      • Dogs have sense to feel presence of yamdutas i have personally observe when person is about to leave dogs, titvi (kind of bird) and cats make special sound before few hours specially in night ***** so when someone is on deathbed and family observes such things better chant holyname near person and get prepared for worst.

        dog really doesn't think protecting house as duty (it is businessman thinking ) itis his natural service!!! when i will have natural service attitude for lord.

        if one can expect cow eaters to become devotee surely i expect dogs to reach golok (may be atleast within next few lifes) , how ?

        if dog serves master and krishna calls master to golok will krishna think that soul in dog body is not good? definately i don't say that dance with dog on streets but let that soul be in present condition.

        we can send out dogs what about demonic people in family, area, country mans

        i don't recommend keeping dogs but if one have dog before one knows that one should not have dog in small homes then respectfully arrange another home for dog or ons should shift to village area.

        in our case we arranged good family home but dog fasted for straight 3-4 days then family member (afraid of sin ) again brought back dog to our home.



  • Volunteer

    what is lal kitab? i heard about this book or something like that 2-3 times. 

    Your servant,

    • lal kitab is book which gives simple rituals to attone sins and offer good life.

      Dog food price is >1000 INR/ kg


      • Volunteer

        Dog food price is >1000 INR/ kg

        :O oh Govinda!!! 

        so it was the case why hey work as like an ASS in order to maintain their dogssssss :((((((

        for 1000 Rs better i buy 10 kg of some of dhals and prepare healthy food for human beings at home and what ever is left out for pets. 

         Your servant,

  • Volunteer

    May be the author of those words like keeping dogs at home and feeding them were from a shop owner who sells items for dogs. :)))))))))))))))))))

    I even afraid of asking the price of special foods (nicely packed) for dogs and cats :))))))))))) because i might guess that they are more expensive than a human food.

      Special ropes, even cloths, in rainy season umbrella :)))))))))))))))), and in this way they worship dogs as their gods.

    So much money and energy is wasted.

    And as a result dog will be also degraded due to not performing his duties of giving protection to the house and owner also will die with the thought of his dog and take birth in a similar body and LIVE PROSPEROUS LIFE as a dog.

    Dog should not enter to the living house, only in the yard. Animals should not sleep, eat with humans. they do not take bath ...they are very contaminated.

    Intelligent one will invite Deities to his home and get real prosperity of love of Godhead.

    Your servant, 

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