Can a Dog change man's fortunes?

Dear Devotees, it seems that the lal kitab is the original & the most authentic shastra of astrology. It seems that its written than if we keep dog as a pet or feed stray dogs it will bring lots of money, peace & prosterity in our house. how much truth is there in these?

Courtesy of these jyotishis who come on tv & say these things people have started doing the same resulting in many dogs continously barking even in night, disturbing sleep, making streets dirty. biting small kids or any one. they bark even at the cops patrolling...LOL

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  • Dear Devotees, PAMHO,AGTSP

    Why we wasting our so much valuable time in discussing these worthless issues. Whatever type of query is put up and we start to put our all resources in clarifying.

    Please remember a thumb rule "If this will please Lord Krsna"? We are already short of time and don't know how much time is left. Instead of wasting of time in such issues, we could have completed one round of Japa.

    Hare Krsna,

    your servant

  • A vaisnava who is worshipping the diety and going to the temple where the Deity is worshipped will not keep any animal especially a dog in their home because it sheds fur and is generally extremely dirty despite what others have said. However traditional vaisnava and brahamana will keep cows in their home. Live with dogs and you will get diseases, live with cows and you will be healthy.

  • Lal Kitab is a very recent text less 100 years old and written in Urdu. It has a few loyal followers but not relevant to Vedic Astrology. Its remedies are bogus.

    This is a good article about Vedic Astrology and remedies

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  • first one should understand that dog can be kept in home (mostly garden) but not in small home where we can't give facility to dog to go outside and respond to nature call. we don't throw human child even though child keeps passing stool in home it is our attachement.

            almost in whole india every home we can find krishna diety and one can chant mahamantra at any place with any condition. Dog and other circumstances are the excuse given. ***i understand general rule for sadhakas those are living in small houses better don't keep dog but if one has facilities such as space and surrounding one can go for it.

             i remember lord chaitanya had brought puppy in home but mother sachi tricked him somehow. this shows that kids love dog (pets) and it is natural and this is always better than T.V., playing video games and chatting as most of childrens do nowdays. 



    • Volunteer

      please forgive me Nilesh Prabhu, 

      i did not know that You had dog before coming to Krishna Consciousness and now You are keeping him at home because You do not have choice and at least doing Your best to help to that dog.

      Once in the lecture i heard that somewhere in Russia one family used to keep one bold dog at their home but only bound in the entrance hall. That place was his residence.

      and later they became Krishna Conscious and it so happened that they put Krishna Conscious images all the walls of their home. And in that entrance hall they put Lord Gouranga's huge image.

      and dog used to gaze to that image. After some time he became also vegetarian and after some time he left his body. :(

      i heard it in the lecture of HH Bhakti Vigyana Goswami Maharaja.


      when i was child i also had many dogs :) and when they used to die i used to suffer much. but when we moved to flat we did not had yard so in this way my life style with dogs also became to an end. 

      Your servant,

  • material advancement is nuisance e.g. streets, cars , fast life style.

    we have gone against nature not dogs. dogs are in all houses i mean US , UK houses also. not all dog barks as not all men drink liquor.

    definately one should watch street while walking and there are street dogs (even intoxicated poppers ) also who had desire in last life to live in cities.

    lets be krishna conscious...............

  • before going to godhead this whole incident had happend. infact it is also mentioned yudhistir maharaj was put under illusion that pandavas are in hell and duryodhana is in heaven for few moments then reality is revealed that pandavas are fine and not in hell reason momentary for illusion was given i guess bcoz he lied about death of ashwathama.

    the chapter name is also Swargarohan not vaikunthagamanam i have been to this path (only upto some distance but didn't went actually they left their bodies) it is in badrinath one needs to walk long distance with full trekking kit. 

    if you know more details pls share

  • Dog never likes to pass stool in home of master and dog is clean animal. but under uncontrolled circumstances one need to pass even human pass e.g. in disease and old age.

    family was disturb in gross way as it could be seen but this things mostly inspires many to search for god.

    anyway almost all are disturb subtle or gross or ignorance (they don't know they r disturb) i understand gross disturbance can be recognised easily.

    note: human and dog stool externally look same only packaging matters one kiss one package filled with stool with joy and hates other so dog may not pass stool in new room but definately he or some other will keep passing stool for lifetime.

    your friend may came out small hell but still in hell (material world) only till he reaches golok.

    i wants to say hate the disease not diseased.

    your friend could have taken dog for walk as whole family was disturb rather than leaving house.

  • Volunteer

    these people are destroying lives of poor animals and as a reaction in this life they themselves are bound to suffer.

    All these sicknesses come just as a reaction to sins. For example, if we kill an ant we may cut our finger as a reaction so what to speak of other high animals?????

    So sad!

    Your servant,

  • right now dog is next to me, yes i have dog in home :-))))))))))))

    our dog has eat mahaprasad of diety (sweets) regularly very.... very frequntly ......

    everything arround us have effect on us it may be living or non living.

    giving sheltor, food to animal is good activity definately have good effect (some or other way there will be benifit)  . regarding maintaining dog itis good thing infact dog is mans good friend.

    yudhistir maharaj when about to go ot heaven first ask demigods dog (who was with him) also sould come there, devotees are concern for all and specially those are arround them.

    even Krishna has dogs i guess two dogs******************** maintaining animal specially dog is good i know many stories how dog protected master. one story srilla prabupada told how dog saves life of child from snake or fox but master missunderstands and kills dog in anger, he was pointing one quality of being honest we can learn from dogs.

    kids love dog, in village dog would take care of babies , small childs whenever they are alone or in problem.

    my personal exp child becomes mature if has dog as he takes care of him.

    i understand we should not always think about our comfort, keeping dog is good but we may not have space (we have broken vedic culture and made cities not dogs) .

    for me i believe if i become 1% honest with krishna as my dog is with me krishna will be pleased.

    most of souls have gone through this body so one should not laugh on animals.

    sometimes we see bad behaviour in dogs this is bcoz they are treated badly, sometimes there family members are killed by speedy vehicles etc and what to speak of dogs now days even human mothers are killing thier own child, in material world anyone can go mad in no time.


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