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  • Volunteer

    at times i dislike Devotee boys joining brahmachari ashram for whole life.

    It means Devotee girls will have to get married to non Devotees?

    To be trained as a brahmachari would be nice even for marriage life. But if someone accepts brahmacharya life only because it is easier, that there are lesser responsibilities or so then it may be a mistake.

    But at the same time a person really could do much in that renounced ashram so all glories to him!

    But the main goal of life is not brahmacharya but to serve to Devotees, to Krishna and achieve love for Him.

    In Your case Prabhu Hansveer, if You want to stay back at Your home and take care of Your parents then You need a wife. Because earning money outside is very difficult, mind may be distracted, no proper food, clean clothes ...time will come when mother will get little older in this case it is recommended to get married to a suitable girl who could assist You in taking care of Your parents.

    Your servant,

    • dont dislike naistika brahmcaries, narada muni is one of  the kind.

      there is always many of those who want family life.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!!!!



    Radhey! Radhey!

    I would like to say that if you want the true Love of Lord Shri RadhaKrishna then i would not advice you to be in brhamchari ashram because it is not necessary that one need to be brahamchari to attain pure Love of Krishna.   You can become a sincere and pure devotee of Lord Krishna in grahastha ashram also.

    We can see the example of Arjuna who was a grihastha but he was a great devotee of the Lord Krishna.  Why Lord Krishna selected him to deliver his message of Bhagwad Gita as he was a pure & true devotee of Lord.

    As you have the responsiblity of your parents do not go away from the responsiblity,  just get marreid and devote your life in the devotion of Lord Krishna

    Do your Karma and offer onto the Lotus feet of the Lord.  I m sure the Lord will be very happy to see you spending your grihastha life through Krishna Conscious Way.

    Hare Krishna

    Your Humble Servant

    Bhuwan Dutt Bawari

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    If you planning to join the temple full time an then become a brahmachari (wear saffron), then you should have a mentor in the temple - exactly which devotee will take care of you an guide and counsel you - you should know. How is your equation with that devotee, you have to see. What exactly temple is expecting from you on joining, try to find out.

    Ideally, dont start staying there once and for all - first go and stay for a few weekends only. Then go and stay for a week at a time - atleast twice, then maybe a month and then increase. Whenever you decide to go and stay in the temple, you have to give yourself 6 months before you decide to continue or to return back home.

    You have the added issue of being only child for parents - so you have some duty towards your parents. It will break their heart (naturally) to see you going to the temple for good. Discuss with them and tell them about your compulsions. They will naturally want you to stay with them. That you have to decide with the help of your temple counsellor who knows you personally, I am not the right person.

    Whatever you decide, stay true to yourself always and never hide behind spirituality to offset your responsibilities.

    What I do know is - if you want to be a brahmachari, then stay in the temple and if you stay at home, then get married.

    I hope this helps.


    YOur servant,


    • Thanks a lot Mataji Rashmiji.yes that only point is that i have to take care of my parent being their only child.But why can someone who stay at his home but who work only for the lord cannot be a brahmachari.I know a Brahmachari in my country who stay at his home-due to health problem which can become complicated due to austerities of the iskcon has permit him to be a recognised brahmachari,he even wear his orange cloth but just only stay at his home.In my case there is no presense of such women or girl at my home apart from my mother so i dont see that there will be any provocating factors.plz can u advice bit more.

      • Hare Krishna. Thank you for being such a great son to your parents. You are pleasing Lord Krishna by doing your duty and caring for your parents.

  • Yes prabhuji i know this implies these austerities but this is not so hard to follow in my case ,but only that i have too much responsibilities that prevent me from staying in the temple.

  • Thanks a lot for advising but this is a bit more complicated as i am the only child of my parent.So as i must do my  duty that is looking after them till their last days i cant stay in a is it still possible as some are of the opinion that a brahmachari is more secured in only a temple environment.

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  • Hare Krsna Prabhuji



    Even having the desire to become a brahmachari is a big thing what to speak of actually becoming one and dedicating your life. A brahmachari is one who offers himself to lord. So please accept my best wishes.

    The best advise you can get about this ashram is in a book called "Brahmacarya in Krishna Consciousness" by His Holiness Bhakti Vikasa Swami. It contains practical advice as well as sastric understanding. The later half of the book contains numerous quotes of Srila Prabhupad on practicing brahmacarya.

    You can find the book in your local ISKCON temple or here:


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