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Hare Krishna,

                     I have been chanting the Maha Mantra for some time now. But the question that keeps popping up in my mind is that - Why was I born into a Sikhism family ? Does not the fact that I was born into a Sikhism family mean that I should chant Vaheguru instead of the Maha-Mantra ? Otherwise why would have I been born into a Sikhism family ?

Any help help will be appreciated.

Thank You

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Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


DO you know that Sikhism is an offshoot of HInduism only. The teachings are the same. In fact, I have a video someone sent on whatsapp where the gurus are saying that Sikh granths are also saying Krsna is supreme. Give me your phone number on my personal window, I will share with you.

Suppose it didnt say also, chanting the mahamantra is beyond all religions - it has to do with the soul. Our body is sikh or muslim or christian, this birth one faith, next birth another. Soul is unchanging, and its soul's business to go back to Godhead, which the mahamantra facilitates. 


YOur servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Hare Krishna. 

                     sikhism also says that it is beyond all religions. Infact guru nanak dev ji said that there is no muslim and there is no hindu. So it can be said that chanting waheguru is also for the soul. 

Though sikhism for sure seems like an offshoot of hinduism, but still the chanting name is different. And again why was I not born into a family which follows the bhagvad gita.

Please send me that WhatsApp video. Which gurus are saying this ? Iskcon gurus or sikh gurus ?

Sorry to irritate you

Hare Krishna

Sikh gurus. 

Give me your number, I will fwd the video.

Sab ka malik ek. Common sense tells. All breathe oxygen only. All drink water when thirsty. All have same blood i.e. A, B,AB or O.  

sikhism, muslim nd lots of other so caled religions are the results of humans categorisation. there is no evidence of these classifications in vedic scriptures. the classification in vedic scriptures is bassed on varnashram. the sikh community is the community of those persons who got impacted with gurunanak ji nd follow their teachings. gurunanak ji was one of those supersoul that come to earth time to time for guiding us to meet the supreme personality of godhead and this is what sanatan dharm says

the purpose of sanatan dharma is to teach us the ways of breaking the repeated cylce of geting birth death nd lots of perishable sufferings , we can think on above level abt this

bhagwad gita is the answer of all questons tht can be arise in one's mind.

we must try to understnd  this book in right way as guided by more intellectual persons

but sikhism is not diff category, thy r basically come frm krsna  so we all are eligible to keep him in mind in same way with same rights.

thnks to read me

hare krsna

Hare Krsna Prabhu
I'm a sikh and I chant the mahamantra as well as the Gur-mantra 'Waheguru'.
There is no problem because the Shabad Waheguru is mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib only with respect to the son of mother Yasoda which is none other than Krsna.
In fact the Shabad 'Ram' is also mentioned more than 2,500 times and He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead but there it is specifically mentioned that the son of mother Yasoda is Waheguru and not even the son of mother Kausalya.
This leaves no doubt and you can download the app of Guru Granth Sahib and check the Ang(page no.) 1402.
On a different note:
Sikhs are basically martial and Vaisnava are automatically Brahmin. But what wonders cooperation between the Brahmins(intelligent class) and ksatriyas(martial class) can do is well explained in the third canto of SB.
It is a conversation between Svayambhuva Manu and Kardama Muni.
For the time being you must read the books of Srila Prabhupada if you want to chant either the mahamantra or the gurmantra 'Waheguru'.
Guru Nanak Dev ji explains in Sri Gur Pratap Suraj Granth by Chudamani Kavi Bhai Santokh Singh that Waheguru is composed of four letters which are derived as follows :
'Wa' is derived from Vasudeva.
'He' is derived from Hari.
'Gu' is derived from Govind.
'Ru' is derived from Ram.
There is more and if you want to inquire about it then you are most welcome.

The truth is that the Prasada of the Sikhs contains onions? You can repeat two mantras, but what about food restrictions?

Krishnas is exclusively many things.. Beyound casts & custom MahaDavidassi
Krishna's integrates are wholey unequally exquisite
By Guru do you mean Ram?
Vishnu (HDG) (RDD)g? This expectation to find equels amung us? I feel Krishna is not apposed to us regulation oir own evolutions or revelations
However, the Godhead's demand (Tapas) in their teaching environment the (Ashram's).
So ahstaratyis are the opulence of the yrue Ashram's as the climent their is' actually of a worshipable qulity & natuer. Krishna's Ashram's are (indeed) the holeist of places. Incomparable* on this or any Earth/world! HariBolah all glory to the divine (AG) the Vishnu Sumpadia's (AG) 2 (HDG)
& HI'S assembled
Bhaktees Haray Bolah

Hare Krishna friend,

I am a punjabi and have great regard for all the Sikh Gurus. I  have been studying Guru Granth Sahib along with Bhagavad Gita from a long time. In my understanding, Sikhism is nothing but covered Vaishnavism. 

It talks about Krishna/Govind/Madhav/Rama in whole bani. All the Sikh gurus have always respected Sri Krishna but due to politics interference in the religion now it is being shown that they they spoke something different. If you want to understand Gurubani properly then one need to become a Vaishnava to really see how Gurus actually tried to make people understand that Krishna is supreme Lord. There is no difference between Waheguru and Krishna. You can say two different names of the same Almighty Lord. 

Let's talk about the facts, Bhai Gurudas who was scribe of Guru Granth Sahib and relative of Guru Arjun Dev ji wrote Varaan which are considered to be key of the Gurubani. 

Please see the attached image. If you can read Punjabi then you will yourself appreciate the meaning of Waheguru. 

What I read is Guru Nanak was Hindu Brahmin. His yagyopavit ceremony was held. When janev was being worn on him he stopped it. He said "give me a janev which will not burn by fire, cut by knife". He rejected it. He started separate school of thought. Same happened in the cases of Mahavir Vardhman and Gautam Budhdh. They also found something wrong in Hindusim. But Hindusim is so absorptive, tolerant and great that it never conflicted nor will conflict. Sab ka malik ek is truth. 

Hare krsna,

The fact that you were born into a Sikh family is that, because of your previous birth's desires.. So there is nothing wrong in following Sikhism or chanting Vaheguru.. however, krsna has also seen a sincere desire in you of much better things for the future life or births (which probably you are not aware yet), that He has given you the knowledge and insight into the Maha Mantra now, which you have respectfully accepted and following already.

So, I would say, take  advantage of both the paths. You can incline yourself to the path that gives you more direct connection with the Supreme Lord.

All glories to Srila Prabhupad!!!

Hare krsna.

Hare Krishna  Radha Rasamayi DDparulZola PreetamShekhovtsovWalter Cloud ShaktimanahDasaAmit Kapoor and kŗşņa dasa.

Thank You for taking out time to reply to me.

Hare Krishna


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