• hare krishna
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  • hare krsna.
    im posting here watever HH.Jayapataka swami maharaj has said for word "bhakti"..

    What is Bhakti?????

    "Engagement of the purified senses in the service of Lord is called Bhakti. Love of Godhead is the goal.
    we keep love of Godhead as the top level of Bhakti.Then every thing is natural.

    If you donot love Krishna then you donot initially do Bhakti. It may be out of love, it may be because you realise this is what i should do. I like to do it. So we do Bhakti. We offer our senses activities to Krishna. We may clean the temple, make garlands,help then to pick up fruits from market or do the gardening, etc., we take some books and give it to people.

    Whatever we do, we use our senses in Krishna's service and then we are trying to follow , increase our purity, avoid sinful activities and then that becomes Bhakti".

    (source:Vaishnava vani.vol-1.)

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  • Bhakti means loving faithfully with affection and without expectations. It may be of anybody.
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