hare krishna dear devotees

i have one more question regarding weather is it ok being krishna concious to work for another organization also as before comming to krishna concious i was in a small organization of kshatriyas where we use to discuss with all the kshatriyas our mission was to make jagrugta awareness among the common kshatriyas and use to give them inspirations from lord rama ,arjuna krishna, king shivaji and maharana pratap and also use to give lectures from bhagwat geeta so as to make them aware about kshatriya dharma so is it ok to continue working with them

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  • no no mataji you are absolutly right from your part ....i wont get hurt i was expecting the same ans from any of the devotee ...i just wanted to get clarified thats all 

    thank you so much 

    hare krishna!

    jay shri radhey..

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    With due respects prabhuji, what you are practising right now, from your recent posts what I can make out, is that its not practising Krsna Consciousness, but Kshatriya Consciousness. These are two absolutely different things. You need to sort out in your mind what is the purpose of your life between the two and the answers will come to you.

    What will you achieve by establishing Kshatriya dharma on earth at this point in time? Maybe you will succeed, then what? Maybe some organisation you form or are a part of, will establish and there will be practising Kshatriyas in kaliyuga. How long will it last - one lifetime? What benefit do you, as soul, get from it? Did Krsna tell us in Gita to establish or re establish varna ashram system as our life's mission? Regardless of varna and ashram, our dharma is to manmana mad bhakto, madyaji mam namaskuru.... sarva dharman parityaja, mam ekam saranam vraja....

    Pls try to get out of this varna system and practise pure devotion to Krsna.

    It is absolutely ok to work outside or for money and still be a practising sadhaka.

    I am sorry if I have hurt you prabhuji. Its just an attempt tp shake you out of your varna obsession. I humbly beg forgiveness for the harsh words used.


    Your servant,


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