hare krishna dear devotees!

hope you are all doing good by Krishna's grace. I am feeling so bad and remorse when i heard about what happened to a 5 year old girl in delhi. How can people become so barbaric(pls forgive me for using such a bad word. but there is no other word to describe such heinous act)?

why do men forget that they came to this world through a woman? why do men forget that they learnt about this world through a woman(their mother)? how can a man ever think of doing such a heinous act to a small girl? when a man does that, he is in turn robbing the child's innocence and childhood. And to think of that it is happening in India where cultuers and Krishna is given importance.

Why didnt Krishna come to her rescue? :(. after all, she is just a small girl child. why are women not viewed as a human being who has got feelings? 

Please share your views. we will try our best to bring a difference in the society by our chanting. Nobody should feel shy of chanting when outside or when not in one's usual place for chanting. No matter where we are, we will chant. Please dont let non-devotees stop you from chanting.

Your servant

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  • dear all,

    so my point is not to spread hatred towards ISKCON, but to let you know that bad people are everywhere in society...

    we need to just be very careful as how we interact with society and just worship Allah (Krishna).

    also I found that ISKCON has a child protection program website to educate people properly about such horrible crimes.

    please educate your children properly and just trust Allah.

    warm regds.


    Mobile Tracking Apps - childprotectionoffice
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      I completely agree with you. There are bad people in society, and we should be careful with society. I once read a fellow who joined ISKCON, became an initiating guru, and then left (dont remember the full details other than he was a crook looking for fame)... And this is a bit off topic, but I really dont like how these particular things about ISKCON keep rising up. There are so many items dedicated to so many conspiracy theories within ISKCON, and its so easy to get captivated (I myself kept getting attracted in a sense that I would go back and read more)... It's so sad and disheartening, and its these specific arguments that contine to tear at ISKCONs purity...
  • Hare Krishna mataji.

    Atheism has destroyed this nation. People now don't understand moral values. Education has taken a sharp decline.

    • Hare Krishna devotees

      Please do not take this message/question in an offensive manner.

      I really don't understand one thing. In Bhagvatam, in multiple purports the same thing is repeated again and again regarding the protection/control of women by husbands/fathers/brothers etc.

      But to what extent can really somebody protect the body of another soul? is it unto our hand?.

      These days even 5 year old girl cannot freely play around inside the building complex. Does mother has to be 14 hour running around one kid to protect her?(she might be in school/classes/playing etc).

      Gone are those days when young teenagers girls use to go from one village to another village alone to sell butter ( As we hear stories about gopis). Take bath in yamuna river without worrying of anybody raping her.

      Canto 3, Chapter 23 , text 44 purport says....

      "The sexual appetite of woman is 9 times more then man and so woman should be under control"

      But don't we see that exactly opposite is happening from ages in real/practical life is man out of sickness for their desires commit abominable crimes against woman and girls as old as toddlers.

      Woman on the other hand are more emotional and tend to control their desires more than man.

      So should man be kept under control? Now one might argue with Chanakya pandit quotes

      " a wife should be serving a husband like a prostitute at night and like a mother in the afternoon" then man will be under control and is the tactic of keeping them satisfied.

      But how can that work?

      As we all know desires are never ever satisfied ( desires are as eternal as soul) no matter how much a woman  serve.

      Yes, I know desires have to be directed towards Krishna and then only it gets demolished materially , but here I am talking about the karma kandis who do not follow Krishna consciousness.

      Anyway, the question is should a mother be really guilty  for such incidents happening towards a 5 year old girl?. Off course karma is a one of the factor.

      Why Srila Prabhupada is always talking about controlling/protecting women/girls. When we all know from Bhagvatam stories as to how freely the small/teenagers girls use to play around in the park or bath in river without worries during dwapar yuga also? Does that(protection) means in kalyug women/girls should  be completely  home ridden and not get out of the house at all?

      Well I have tons of other questions but I will stop for now. Hope to see some nice/convincing answers?

      Jai shree Krishna

      • Volunteer

        My humble obeisances dear Alka Mataji, Your worries are understandable.

        Firstly want to know from where You got Chanakya Pandits such type of words :O ? ? i never heard it. Srila Prabhupada never quoted it. I think, even if Chanakya Pandit told it we should be careful because he was not a Devotee of Krishna but a strong Brahmana. We should hear him through authorities, do You think?

        On the contrary Srila Prabhupada says that materialistic man is attached to wife for two reasons: for satisfying his tongue and one more sense... Which is animalistic type of existence. 

        Girl is protected means for her  there should not be need to go out and earn for her livelihood.

        Ideally for a woman carrier is home and children. In this way she is protected from other men. Because she does not go out alone for a job, to study...

        Those Gopis always used to be in each other's company. So they were protected. And whenever they sell butter they used to sell it to their neighbors and in day time. ...


        About who is lust is bigger, then Srimad Bhagavatam says the truth. Because of that women should be protected otherwise they are weak because of uncontrolled senses. It may seem that they can control it but one agitation and it is gone.

        Because of that girl never should allow herself to be with opposite gender in seclusion. Never. 

        Your servant, 

  • Hare Krishna Siddhartha prabhuji,

    Thats exactly the same thought coming onto my mind. why are people forgetting that when they hurt women, they are hurting goddess tooo. How can she tolerate such a cruel thing done to the women and that to children? i have always heard that small children are forms of god. How can they do this?

    • Volunteer

      IT IS ALL DEVOURING LUST Krishna says. 

      For the sake of money all media is just agitating peoples' minds and senses as a result such like degradation. For the sake of satisfying agitated sense one is ready to do anything abominable. 

      Sex urge is powerful that it leads one to more degraded forms. If it is not controlled then shastras explain that that lusty person is ready to unite with animal also. It is hellish. Then because sex is not giving satisfaction one will become a killer. As we sometimes hear about such like murderers. .. so it is because uncontrolled sex desire.

      Because of that Srila Prabhupada says that material sense enjoyment and spiritual life go ill together.

      Austerity and tolerance.

      We have to start it ourselves and become a perfect example to others.

      Your servant,  

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    Then to come to your final question: Why did Krsna not enter and save the girl? The answer can only be answered with a question: Why SHOULD Krsna enter to save the girl's life? Yes, Krsna is very merciful, he is very kind, but he gives us free will (limited). We choose to misuse it and we get punished by the law of Karma. The system is all set in place, and the only time Krsna will interfere if his devotees call out to him. This is seen in many numerous examples both in the present and past.  We don't know the relationship between the victim, the criminal, and the crime. All we know is a man raped a 5 year old girl, that's it. We don't know if the 5-year old girl did the same to the man in his last life, nor do we know if this will result in the girl doing the same to the man in their next lives. 

    To go off on a tangent, this results in chaos in society and why atheism has a growing point. We all rely on God for everything. If something good happens, we did it, but if something bad happens, it becomes God, why didn't you help us (them/him/her.. whoever)...  That's far from fair. The proper thinking is that all good comes form Krsna, and all bad comes from our karma. If we can develop such a thought, we can make our lives much more easier to handle and the chances of a "close to perfect" society would be a close goal. 

    Now, this brings up another point- what is our respective duty in this case? Krsna advises Arjuna not to go to the forest to meditate, but rather to follow the path of dharma, follow his duty. There is also a huge gap between time and culture and values between Dvapar Yuga and Kali Yuga. Here we don't have the traditional Vedic structure of hierarchy (Brahmanas - Shudras), We can most definitely relate to some of them (soldier = kshatriya, priest = Brahmans, etc.) but in reality, we are all nothing but shudras. So what can we do? We do that which is best for society  We chant and dance and spread the love of God to everyone! Only then can society restore itself to it's peaceful self. But being Kali Yuga, this also isn't possible (for a long period at least), thus we engage in bhakti,and help elevate others to start a chain reaction. This may be a bit radical and inappropriate, but it does fit the point. It's like suicide bombers. They take as many people as they can with them. We do the same, except, we do it in a more peaceful (extremely and only non-violence) and happier way, and we take them to Krishna the source of all happiness!!!

    (forgive me on the last bit, it is very radical, and something most people don't like to talk about or even mention)


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