Avoiding individual who disturbs peace of mind

Hare Krishna,

There is an individual in my life who has the potential to disturb my peace of mind. I have always prayed to Krishna to give me the strength to tolerate the presence of that Individual. However, I gradually realized that it is very difficult for me to remain unaffected by the individual. Hence, I now make an effort to completely avoid coming in contact with that individual such that my peace of mind is not disturbed and I do not get into any unnecessary quarrels. By avoiding, I know that I am offending the individual. But I am doing this bcos if I continue to remain in contact, i  might not be able to control my emotions and may react harshly. Pls advice whether my approach is acceptable considering that I am not yet as advanced spiritually to be able to have absolute control over my emotions.

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  • Hello and Hare Krishna,

    To be truthful and honest works in both directions. Be truthful to yourself in accepting that there are somethings you cannot tolerate, so don't try to be an artificial pure devotee. Be truthful to the other person by sitting down with them and explain as nicely as possible about your feelings towards them and how they are hurting you. By doing this you will be serving two purposes, one to free yourself from holding your feelings within, and two, to enlighten the other person as to your true feelings and at the same time giving them the opportunity to change for the better or lose you as a close friend. A devotee is a friend to all but never at the cost of their peace of mind. It is a difficult quandary to be in but everything is Krishna's mercy and there is a lesson to be learned in all things. Hare Krishna!

  • Hare Krishna!

    Forgive others not because they deserve Forgiveness, but because you deserve Peace of Mind.


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      Hare Krsna.   I liked the videos too.  Well done.

    • Hare Krishna Mataji,

      Thank you very much for this video. It helped me a lot.



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