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  • Yes.

  • Well done.
    Sri krishna wont forget your defending his dear Arjuna.
    Being always on the side of his pure devotees, person cant fail, no matter what.
    On another side, for those who criticizing and also those who supporting it , there is no hope despite all the effort
  • Arjuna understood the Bhagavad Gita within one hour where others don't understand it in a lifetime.

    If you think he was puffed up with so much pride or this or that then your efforts to understand Krsna are doomed.

    For we need to follow in the footsteps of Arjuna, Prabhupada especially mentions in the Introduction to Bhagavad Gita As It Is that we need to be submissive like Arjuna.

    Krsna also mentions that He is explaining this lost science to Arjuna because he is His very dear friend and also that he (Arjuna) is not envious of Him(Krsna)

  •  Now i feel old...

    I was talking about a movie made 30 yrs. ago!

    ...Talk about a generation gap :-(

    This is nice, that there is a Mahabharata series on TV.

    In America, they have 'A.D. - The Bible ' which is a mini-series.  It's not completely correct, but at least it exposes people to higher values.

  • I remember seeing that movie.  It's great.

    I also remember the scene you are probably talking about... Arjun was in an archery competition, I think.

    I looked thru my resources to try to find the actual story from the scripture (SB), but no luck. 

    If someone could find the actual story in the scripture, that'd be nice.

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    We take shelter of Scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhagavad Gita given by acaryas who have led a life od purity and have compassionately endeavoured for upliftment of society. We do not take shelter of televisions for understanding or practicing Krsna consciousness. 

    Television, internet, movies etc are medium/media for reaching to masses. There is no authenticity in them nor do the makers claim what is shown as authentic. The stories are broadcast for commercial purposes not for the pure purpose of uplifting the consciousness of living entities. This can be understood from the impact upon the viewers. 

    Arjuna was not proud. Arjuna treated Bhishma and Droma as worshippable. This can be understood from BG

    arjuna uvaaca
    katham bhishmam aham sankhye
    dronam ca madhusUdana
    ishubhih pratiyotsyaami
    pUjaarhaav ari-sUdana

    Arjuna said: O killer of enemies, O killer of Madhu, how can I counterattack with arrows in battle men like Bhishma and Drona, who are worthy of my worship? (BG 2.4)

    Krsna's pastimes are inconceivable and beyond judgement. So are the activities of His pure devotees. Pure devotees may out of humility say - "I have pride", but believing them is utter ignorance on part of conditioned living entities like us. 

    Krsna sent Bhima and Arjuna to meet Hanuman, to witness the glories of Hanuman. Krsna is the source of all power. Bhima and Arjuna wanted to exhibhit their competence to Hanuman. But Krsna can withdraw the power for anyone. So Bhima and Arjuna couldn't show competence to Hanuman, but they saw the power of Hanuman. 

    What has to be understood form this ?

    Bhima, Arjuna, Hanuman all of them are empowered by Krsna. Every living entity small or big is empowered by Krsna. Devotees understand this, others don't. Even though endowed with super natural powers Arjuna, Bhima Hanuman are all fully aware that all powers belong to Krsna and are to be used for fulfilling Krsna's desire. Devotee never considers himself independently powerful. For purpose of pastime they may act in certain ways, but they are fully aware of their position and Krsna's position. They know their limitations and Krsna's unlimitedness. 

    Hare Krsna

  • arjuna was never puffed up with pride.

    he was always thinking for protection of weak ones and brahmanas.


    SB 10.89.26-27When the ninth child died, Arjuna, who was near Lord Keśava, happened to overhear the brāhmaṇa lamenting. Thus Arjuna addressed the brāhmaṇa: “What is the matter, my dear brāhmaṇa? Isn’t there some lowly member of the royal order here who can at least stand before your house with a bow in his hand? These kṣatriyas are behaving as if they were brāhmaṇas idly engaged in fire sacrifices.
    SB 10.89.28“The rulers of a kingdom in which brāhmaṇas lament over lost wealth, wives and children are merely imposters playing the role of kings just to earn their livelihood.
    SB 10.89.29“My lord, I will protect the progeny of you and your wife, who are in such distress. And if I fail to keep this promise, I will enter fire to atone for my sin.”

    therefore, criticizing lord real devotees in the public always gives powerfull unwonted results.

  • E-Counselor

    Please give reference from where you got this pearl of wisdom.

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