Arjuna could not reach the top of the Himalaya ?

After Krishna left for Goloka the pandavas started their journey towards the top of the Himalayas so that they could go back home. It is said that only Yudhishthir could make it to the top and the other pandavas died on the way. Why did the other pandavss die on the way ? It is said that they were not as pure as Yudhisthir but how to accept this ? Arjuna was so pure that Krishna had a desire to serve him by driving his chariot. How can such a person not be pure ? I request someone to tell me why the other pandavs died on the way especially Arjuna ?

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  • Hare Krishna...Pranam. no doubt Arjuna is not a normal conditioned soul..But, to give certain lessons to mankind, certain things are arranged to happen by the will of the Supreme Lord himself....

    For instance, logically speaking, Arjun should not have been confused or reluctant to fight in the battlefield of Kurukshetra..He knows atma - tattva and his responsibilities as a Kshatriya very well. But, unless He had not been confused, we wouldn't get the the essence of all scriptures, Bhagavad Gita...It is actually a part of Krishna's arrangement.Arjun was just acting like an instrument....

    Even Krishna was cursed by Gandhari that his whole family will have to face destruction just like how her family died..killing each other... Krishna accepted her curse...Why did Krishna accept? Who is Gandhari to curse Krishna? Can anyone curse the Supreme Lord? But this had to happen ..otherwise who in the three worlds, can destroy the Yadus.... the very family of Krishna? Unless they are destroyed, the burden on earth can never be reduced...this is also Krishna's plan...

    Or even the way Krishna left the world...he was shot by a mere hunter who mistaken thought his foot to a deer.....does that mean that Krishna is just another mortal soul? Never....He perform his pastimes out of his own sweet will and his associates assist him accordingly...

    Hope this helps to clarify a little.... JAI JAGANNATH

    • Volunteer

      Dear devotees ,  here is a little quote from Srila Prabhupada.

        But Yudhisthira hesitated, "How can I tell lie?"

      He disobeyed the order of Krsna, and he wanted to become very truthful.

      For this reason he had to see hell.

      Bhagavad Gita class August 1 1973

      Actually it is all lila arranged so we can hear the glories of surrender to Krsna.

  • Dear Mihir Prabhu,

    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada...

    I am trying to answer this from my limited understanding of the subject and would request senior devotees to please correct me.

    Everything and everyone in relation with Lord Sri Krsna is spiritual. So we have to approach this subject in this mood. Arjuna, no doubt was a pure devotee of the Lord. And this is acknowledged by Krsna Himself in BG 4.3:

    sa evayam maya te'dya

    yogah proktah puratanam

    bhakto'si me sakha ceti

    rahastam hy etad uttamam

    Translation: That very ancient science of the relationship with the Supreme is today told by Me to you because you are My devotee as well as My friend and can therefore understand the transcendental mystery of this science.

    Vedic literature encompass knowledge and teachings for people in different level of consciousness in this world. In Mahabharata, there are many such instances which seemingly portray the great devotees like Pandavas and Parikshit Maharaj suffering material reactions and/or overcome by material modes of nature. But this is certainly not the case because they were all protected and guided by Lord Krsna personally. Whenever we come across such instances we should look at them in this perspective and understand that these are to bewilder/confuse people who are not on the pure spiritual platform. This instance serves as a good example for those "pious" people (who are still not aspiring for pure spiritual realization) to understand that they should not be boastful, pride, partial etc in execution of their duties and in their behavior.

    As per my limited understanding, this instance serves no effective purpose in glorifying the activities of devotees in relation to Krsna. So devotees and aspiring devotees do not concentrate much on such pastimes.

    There is also the instance of Maharaj Parikshit building a tower to escape Takshaka in Mahabharata whereas we find a completely different version in Srimad Bhagavatam. Some people also say that these are from different/previous Kali-Yuga where the activities were slightly different from this Kali Yuga. This might be a possibility as well and can be confirmed by people with good sastric authority.

    But the point I am trying to bring forth is that we should not be too much concerned about them and should continue with our service to guru and their Lordships.

    I apologise as I could not answer your question to the point.

    Your Servant,


  • Volunteer

    Dandavats Mihir Prabhu! Haribol!

    I believe this is found in Krishna Dharma's Mahabharata. 

    I'll skim through the book and I'll give you the information for each Pandava and why all but Yuddhishtir died; and I'll go in the order of the first to fall. In the book, it is Bhima who asks Yuddhistir why each Pandava has fallen, and Yuddhistir is answering---

    Draupadi: "Although married to all five Pandavas, she was always partial to Arjuna"

    Sahadeva: "Gifted with knowledge, he always considered himself without compare in wisdom"

    Nakul: "He felt himself matchless in bodily beauty"

    Arjuna: "Just before the war, Arjuna promised to kill all the Kauravas in a single day. For failing to keep this promise, made out of pride, he has fallen"

    Bhima: "He was a great eater and did not consider others while eating."

    Also, although Yuddhistir did not fall on the way to the top, he had to be taken to the hellish realms because of the sin he committed by partially lying to Dronacharya. Although he heard the voices of his brothers and wife in hell, it was later revealed to be an act of deception to test Yuddhistir.

    This part of the Mahabharata teaches us that we must pay for everything we do in this material world. And it also teaches us that we must abstain from certain frivolous behaviors or thoughts (for example, Arjuna's pride).   

    So on to your questions:

    1. Why did the other pandavss die on the way ? 

    This was answered above

    2. It is said that they were not as pure as Yudhisthir but how to accept this ? Arjuna was so pure that Krishna had a desire to serve him by driving his chariot. How can such a person not be pure ?

    Yuddhistir was righteous and a follower of dharma. He never strayed once (except when Krishna himself instructed him to lie to Drona for the sake of mankind). Arjuna was very pure too as he was Krishna's friend, but Arjuna was often proud of his skills. One incident I recall is the reason why Hanumanji became the flag on Arjuna's chariot. There was a test between Arjuna and Hanuman (who was in a form of a typical monkey, and not his great original form) to see if Arjuna could build a bridge out of arrows. Initially Hanuman won since the arrow bridge would collapse and Arjuna was about to jump into the fire, but Vishnu in the guise of a young Brahmin boy convinced him not to do otherwise and acted as the judge and by his grace Arjuna's arrow bridge was able to withstand Hanuman's mighty form. In the end both realized the Brahmin boy to be none other than their beloved master (Krishna / Rama). Another example is after Krishna left for Goloka, Arjuna tried to save the wives of Krishna who were being shifted to I believe Hastinapur. Along the way, mere robbers were able to steal the women while Arjuna and his Gandiva could do nothing. Arjuna is always pure because he is an associate of Krishna's. However, him not making it to the top of the Himalayas for the reason Yuddhistir mentioned shows that there are vices in the world and to be completely pure it is necessary to always be free from such vices. 

    Please forgive me for any offenses. 

    Your Servant

  • Hello

    hari bol



    i am not telling he has done any sin 

    because of his karma he has to gone through procedure of death in this material world.

    hari bol

    • Volunteer

      But Prabhu, if we look at it that way, then even Yuddhistir would have to go through death since he had one of the highest responsibilities in the war (since he was the King and the soldiers were fighting for him). Also, Yuddhistir was also responsible for the death of many soldiers and warriors in the Kaurava Army. 

      There are probably multiple answers to this question posed by Mihir Prabhu, so please forgive me for any offenses.  :)

      Your servant,

  • hi

    hari bol,



    i might not be having full knowledge about the same . 

    this is fate and even krishna do not want to change it so i think though arjuna had been with krishna all the time but he is responsible for many killings not every one on the Kaurava's side was bad or guilty now to just met with the Karma's result krishna must have given this situation to other pandavas. and they died in this material world . but there is no other doubt that their soul is resting in peace at Goloka. but krishna cant set the bad example suggesting though kill millions you can reach to adobe (sadeha). 

    so give us the proper direction and according to Karma Yoga they must have met this fate.Krishna cant set wrong example for people like us.

    just servant. and please forgive me if i have offended someone .

    hari bol.

    would like to hear from other devotees too !

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