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I am thinking that an "ordinary cat or dog" would probably take their next birth as a lion or tiger in their next birth. However, what about pets of devotees? For example, my cats hear Srila Prabhupada's chanting japa tape for 3 hours every day. I am sure other devotee pets also are hearing a lot of Krishna Consciousness every day.  So will our pets be tigers in their next life or is it possible that they will take a human birth?

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    Laws of nature is different to humans and animals.
    there is karma law to animals they are just driven by mother nature . yes if they come in contact with some good humans and their up bringing with complete devotion . there is possibility that animals can achieve what their owner has achieved in this world

    i.e there is mythology in mahabharat :- after pandavas has done their work and our beloved god krishna went back to goloka , pandavas started their journey towards himalayas for purification and elevation to godhead. each of pandavas died in journey to absolute godhead only yudhistir and their Dog has survived himalaya and they reached safely to heaven because of their pure deed and satya . though yudhistir lost his finger because once he told lie to dronacharya.
    now this dog they said was good dog and it never had meat and never bite anybodys or never created any harm and was alwayas with them when they are with krishna. so dog elevated to heaven just because it had company of krishna in its life.

    so yes pure devotee's animals might have chance to go to heaven and not that they will surely elevate to good.

    hari bol
    • Hare Krishna Dishant Pathak

      All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

      Thank you for telling me about the good fortune of the pure devotee's animals. I am so very grateful that I am chanting 16 rounds a day again. I have ups and downs in my spiritual life but right now I am in a good place.

      My cats enjoy and are attracted to hearing Srila Prabhupada's chanting tape. I am just a demon chanting 16 rounds a day. But I am seeing a change in my attitude towards chanting. I am no longer viewing 16 rounds of chanting as "a great big hassle" but rather I am seeing it as a way to not only help myself but to help "Krishna's favorite cats". I am looking forward to chanting 16 rounds today. How very fortunate for both me and the cats.

      • Have you all heard about Pepito the parrot who sings the Hare Krishna mantra? He's chanting the holy name of the Lord. I wonder if he is going to get a human birth or if he is going straight back to Godhead?

        • Volunteer

          usually such animals take human body in next life. 

          For example, Draupadi feed a honey bee with little Prasadam and in next life that bee became a bhamana.

          So it is very nice that Your cats hear Japa dear Mataji. 

          And eat Prasadam. 

          Your servant, 

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