Is Allah,yahweh and other fake or are they demigods under lord Krishna?

In Hinduism there are many sects like shaivism and Vaishnavism

Each claiming theirs god are supreme,are the other religions like that saying their gods are real?

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  • Why this question is bothering you? What you have to do with them? 

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  • 1st. We Should begin to Consider such things & all things to be as Krishna considers & said they are and He would have us think of all beings as Hi's energies. Some more indirectly related to Him than others, but all are derived & completely reliant ultimately upon Him alone! Making & meaning that even the greattest Gods & direct incarnations are Hi's subordinates.
    However, this does not mean they are "fake! More likely they are administers-Extraordinarily. So why are we ranking Gods? We know numbers 1,2&3 so after that we have a darma/or path to chuse, principals to follow that express the qulity of our devotion i.e. our devotional sentiments. Further genneraly* most Souls who recieve Vishnu's mercy of good intelagence & Krishnas mercy of a High position Have earned it, over a long time spent in austaraties & devotional activities. So they have earned & do deserve it. They should not derided because they are not
    "The most High" HeadGods or leaders of the "Top most Darmas" It is said" that only 1/4 of all Souls ever enter this material realm" so we who are hear are "most likly-all raskulls. Addems & Eves who have risked it all, and separated ourselves from Hi's loving grace for the sake of Self & God realizations on a (direct experience platform) indeed we have tested our own faith by dping so! However, do to the structure and nature of beings & things some of us will never return Home Back to the GodHeads service untill perhaps the eventual total eniolation of the materal creations. Still to rank our superiors and and "supervisors"? As fake or diminished in corrector because They don't compare well aganst Krishna's magnanimous prolific conchusness and awarness or abilities is not even close to being fair if not slanderous. Please don't be puffed-Up prahbuGee. These lesser incantations are doing a (hugely) valuable service twords every one of us. If they can keep us moving on the right path of spiritual discovery which will eventually lead to a rediscovery of our potential to re aline our intentions with God's intentions & seek our pleasher by proxy of Krishna's pleasher whi c h Je has derived from our offerings to Hi'm in Hi's name we pray.
    Don't be rude dud*
  • Unfortunately some important comments was deleted. if hope u have read it
  • Ok I'll read it.
  • Pamho,

    kindly go through this wonderful research article -it's bit lengthy but very very informative and bonafide -

    By Sripad Suhotra Maharaja and Kartik Prabhu (research).

    ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Sadhana Asrama, Govardhana, India

    hope this will provide you with  the answer-

    - yas


    The Source Of All Religions 2
    EDITORS NOTE (Sept 2015) Dear readers, since publishing this article about the Bhavishya Purana 5 years ago, it has come to my attention that the val…
    • Request you to tell me what's written about islam. I saw the word mleccha means uncivilised. That actually answers everything. Its a bad word and devotees here are also sure that chanting allah at the time of death leads nowhere.

      • excerpt ...

        Some five hundred years after the time of Salivahan Maharaja, a king in his family line named Bhoja Raja crossed the Sindhu river into Gandhara (Afghanistan) and other westward lands. Bhavisya Purana states that while he was in this western region, Bhoja Raja worshiped a Sivalinga situated in the desert.

        (some lines deleted to make it concise...)

        Mohammad secretly came to meet Bhoja Raja, as the Bhavisya Purana now describes. It appears that this meeting took place before Mohammed had achieved prominence in Arabia.

        raatrau sa devaruupashca bahumaayavishaaradah
        paishaacam dehamaasthaaya bhojaraajam hi soabravit

        At night, he (Mohammad) of angelic disposition, this shrewd man in the guise of a Pishacha [a desert spirit or jinn], spoke to Bhoja Raja.

        aaryayadharmohi te raajansarvadharmottamah smritah
        iishaagyayaa karishyaami paishaaca dharma daarunam

        O Raja! Your Arya Dharma has been considered to be the best of all religions, but according to the commandments of the Supreme Controler, I shall enforce the strong creed of the Pishachas.

        (my personal opinion - a question may be asked here why the Supreme Lord might be wanting to initiate this pisachas creed - i think it was done to accommodate the desires of those people who wanted to  proclaim themselves as religious persons and at the same time would be allowed to perform sinful animalistic activities which sanatana dharma will never allow. After all it is Krishna who fulfills all our desires and makes arrangements for that.)

        lingacchedii shikhaahinah shmashrudhaari sa dushakah
        uccaalaapii sarva bhakshi bhavishyati jano mama

        My followers will see to it that men are circumcised and that they wear no shikha on their heads. Instead they will wear beards and behave against brahminical principles. They will call out loudly in their prayers. They will eat all things.

        binaa kaala caa pashavaasteshaaam bhakshyaa mataa mama
        naimusaleva samskaarah kushariva bhavishyati

        According to my teachings, they will eat all animals except swine. They will not seek purification by sitting on Kusha grass, rather their purification will come by warfare. (Musal).

        tasmaanmusalavanto hi jaatayo dharmadushakaah
        iti paishaaca dharmashca bhavishyati maya krutah

        They shall be known as Musal because of their battles with irreligious nations, and I shall be known as the originator of this pisaca-dharma.

        (again my personal input - knowing everything happens as per the will of The Lord, we shouldn't nurture hatred within our heart. Because it doesn't get us anywhere except taking us away from Krishna.

        If they come to attack our temple, we would definitely be very angry and do whatever is possible for the protection of the temple. But we shouldn't meditate on such issues and contemplate retaliation within our mind. I remember watching a religious channel few years ago on the topic of isis atrocities on the non muslims, christian's particularly -  the cruelty was unthinkable - but after the 1 hr discussion was over - the christian minister who was present there - as the final verdict said - if we have faith in Jesus , whatever we may physically do are not going to be that much significant - only our sincere prayers to Jesus will. Then he requested all the viewers to pray for them from the core of their heart.

        That was really amazing thing to learn - particularly hearing this from those people who are undergoing the sufferings. Though we have heard it so many times in various lecture but how many of us ( i am sure i don't ) do have faith on that - on our prayer's to Krishna - which is supposed to be our only refuge. )

        • Sevak

          Hare Krsna 

          The reply and quotation is not relevant because it doesn't answer the question. 

          The question is - Is Allah, jehovah  fake or demigods under Krsna ?

          The response has no reference to Allah at all.

 this link was given in one of the earlier replies. Elaborately answers it. 

          Hare Krsna

          A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada on ISLAM
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