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Is Allah,yahweh and other fake or are they demigods under lord Krishna?

In Hinduism there are many sects like shaivism and Vaishnavism

Each claiming theirs god are supreme,are the other religions like that saying their gods are real?

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Hare Krishna

God is described in the scriptures of only one religion, Sanatan-Dharma. God has been seen by the followers of only one religion, Sanatan-Dharma. Lord Krishna is the only person who has very clearly declared and proved Himself as God without any doubt. This is because, God is One, Lord Krishna. All other Gods are invisible, unknown, unseen, and unknowable. This is because, God is One. All other so called Gods are fake man made gods. That's why they have ZERO proof for their God. This is the truth and can be proven from the scriptures of all religions.

Lord Shiva is an expansion of Lord Krishna, and thus both can be called supreme, but Lord Krishna is the original form of God.

Please read the below links, these are very unique writing and this kind of truth will not be found elsewhere.

Don't be deceived, ask for scriptural evidence on any claims. I give clear evidence in the above links.

Hare Krsna 

Is Allah,yahweh and other fake or are they demigods under lord Krishna?

The religions of Islam and christianity are genuine religions that give information about God to their followers. Allah refers to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krsna. This can be understood by the characteristics or supremacy of Allah over everything and everyone. 

In Hinduism there are many sects like shaivism and Vaishnavism 

There are many sects in Hinduism. But the vedic teachings are clear that there is only one supreme personality of absolute truth. There is glorification of different demigods for their respective followers. Like in some scriptures Benefits of worshiping Surya by sacrifices etc is mentioned, he is glorified as great and so on. But nowhere will it be mentioned that Surya is Supreme master of Vishnu. Same with other demigods. In No scripture will it be stated that Vishnu is servant of Brahma or Shiva etc. Within Shiva Purana it may be stated that Shiva is Supreme, but that is contextual not universal. 

Are the other religions like that saying their gods are real?

When other religions say their god is supreme then we have to understand different religions call the same god with different names. Like Sun is called as Suraj in HIndi and Sun in English. Whatever it is called they both refer to same object that gives light and heat. Similarly Allah refers to Krsna. Meaning of Allah is "Almighty".  

Hare Krsna

If the religion is genuine and authentic, then their Gods also must be genuine. However the followers of each religions are not perfectly knowing about the Gods mentioned in their scriptures. If we analyze deeply, we will find all religions speak about the same absolute.

Let us take the following info: Bhagavad Gita says Lord Krishna is the Supreme. Bible says God created man in His image in other words Bible says God and man look similar. Now if we reconcile Gita's statement and Bible's statement, we won't see any contradictions as Lord Krishna and man look similar.

Hare Krishna

If anyone believes that they are following a genuine religion, please first go to Saudi Arabia and chant on the street for an hour, then speak.

We should not make statements without knowing the subject matter. Unless one has read and understood the non-Vedic scriptures, one cannot make any assumptions on what they preach or believe.

It is unfortunate that many Vedic Gurus make statements on other religions, without ever having read their  scriptures.

I have studied the non-Vedic scriptures and had many discussions with their scholars. The below is a comparison of the teachings from the Bhagavad-Gita and the non-Vedic scriptures in truth.

We have to accept what they teach and practice and not what we hope or wish.

Hare Krsna 

Nothing was mentioned about what anyone is following or how they are following it. The religions of Islam and christianity as originated by the originator(Jesus and Prophet mohammed)  is a genuine path to slowly elevate the people of that time to god consciousness. 

Hare Krsna

And is this that god consciousness which you also endorse?

i cant understand how slaughtering thousands of poor goats in the name of allah can lead to slow upliftment especially when buddha appeared to stop the same. anyways it seems in bhavishya puran mahamad(yeah thats his real name) is called maleccha and maleccha means nonvedic, maleccha means barbarian, worst of humans and theres not a single good meaning of that word so his demonic grace joker naik says foreigner to save his image. moreover if you ask any muslim thats whats the guarantee thats words of quran are words of allah they dont dont have any answer. that answers our question on the peaceful religion. i think prabhupadji has said jainism buddhism are man made religions.

Hare Krsna Suhas Prabhu,


Are you aware that one of our mantras is Om Allayah Namah. I have done that mantra - it is part of Vishnu Sahastranaam, I think it comes between 150 - 200. 

I have heard in lectures that followers of Brahma are Christians and followers of Shiva are Muslims. In fact, they are the race of Surpanakha - sister of Ravana. If you do youtube search on this, you will get some material.

Every genuine religion teaches love of God. If that is not the outcome of following that religion, then either the follower or the preacher is all wrong. 

Buddha is one of the dasavataras. Then how can Buddhism be a man made religion?


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Radha Rasamayi DD, show with proof "Are you aware that one of our mantras is Om Allayah Namah. I have done that mantra - it is part of Vishnu Sahastranaam, I think it comes between 150 - 200. " Do not say anything. Only genuine religion which teaches love is here- And small amount of that act love by one of your every genuine religion is here with proof-

Me and my parents are chanting vsn on every janmashtami over 10 yrs and I have 2 books of vsn nowhere is such a mantra. Yes when the preacher itself is called malecchas then what's more left to argue? Buddha is a dashavtara but ppl under the influence of kali manufactured a new religion. If u Google ""Buddhism jainism prabhupada"" u will surely get it.

Hare Krishna 

It's very unfortunate that even devotees will make statements without ever reading their scriptures or knowing the facts about the founder of the Mleccha religion. To say things without knowing the facts is simply lying.

A grandfatherly aged man who marries a child and his daughter in law can NEVER be accepted as a Guru by any sane person. 

This mleccha religion scripture is 100% man made and this can be easily proven, just read the below.

Ved Vyasa clearly predicted the mleccha religion and called it's founder 'corrupter of religion'. 

Devotees must accept and speak the truth based on facts and not on personal hopes and wishes. Many devotees have been deceived by this mleccha religion of pieces and deception.

Devotees should promote Krishna Consciousness and not promote any mleccha religion. One can better understand what I am saying if they were to first go to Saudi Arabia and chant on the street. This is illegal in that country. Read the Bhagavad-Gita in that country? This also illegal to take into the country. Equal rights for all? This illegal in that country. Worship Deities in the home? This is illegal in that country. Does anyone still believe their religion is genuine? Only the most foolish and insane will still believe it.

We should not hate anyone, but if someone has a sword pointing at our neck, we should accept this truth. This is the reason Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna, because he had swords pointing at him and Lord Krishna asked him to fight, the only solution. For devotees of today, the only solution is to preach the truth. This is the only hope for the mlecchas too.  To accept and promote them as religious is evil.

Very well said prabhu


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