Each little god-delusion convinces its human host brain that IT IS THE TRUE RELIGION and any associated holy books are THE TRUE WORD!The fundamentalist believer will not learn any logical thinking, or accept any evidence, which challenges their delusional programming. Cognitive dissonance will rule where there are severe unresolved internal conflicts.While they will usually simply dismiss as “false gods” the delusional beliefs of others who have been indoctrinated with conflicting programmed beliefs, they will steadfastly refuse and deny, that their programming is similar in nature, using any fallacious forms of self-deception which their god-delusion feeds to them.

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  • Sevak
    Hare Krsna
    Since there is no question, I assume this is taken from some hardcore atheistic propaganda book which you might be religiously/religiously or sorry logically have been indoctrinated into . I also wonder what you get by bringing such wasteful content here.
    Hare Krsna
  • Hare Krishna,
    ....and what is your brain indoctrinated and programmed with?
    Let me guess.. Ya, you are programmed with the idea that to deny all belief systems, and God related stuff.
    Those religions who called our Gods as "False Gods" they never knew or have any evidence of seeing God with naked eyes.
    They only claimed themselves as prophets/messengers/ son of God but they have not themselves said to have seen God.
    In fact Srila Prabhupada always respected other religions and also considered Jesus to be guru also. We never said their religions is totally fake. But ya their system of belief is not complete becoz there is no description of God.
    Our Bhagwatam describes God in full and Bhagwad gita has the ture claim by God Himself directly in canto 10 that He is only the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
    in no other religious belief systems the persons who spread the word of God claimed to be God themselves.
    They denied our Gods and called our God false gods its upto them.
    We don't force anyone to accept our belief ..If they find they are in a better place then us well.. good for them.
    But we never go out and tell their Gods are fake .. They may make statement about our gods its upto them.
    Ya, when you are born with certain sanskaras its take guts to come out of that samskaras and accept some other belief.
    Indoctrinated programmed this all words apply to those who are trying to impose their belief on others.
    We don't impose or lure people or promise them some cash or gifts or incentives or help in return of conversion into our system.
    We just show the path. Though all paths lead to the same God as Lord Krishna said in Bhagwad gita Himself.
    ye yatha mam prapadyante
    tams tathaiva bhajamy aham
    mama vartmanuvartante
    manusyah partha sarvasah
    All of them—as they surrender unto Me—I reward accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Prtha.
    Knowingly or Unknowing they are following path towards the same God, Lord Sri Krishna.
    But the path they chose is going to take a "U" turn a long way.. to reach the Lord.
    when the path to Krishna is straight and Simple shown by Srila Prabhupada.
    Chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra the way to Krishna.
    Jesus is also the way .. I don't deny but its a long way you may reach late but the destination is Same Lord Sri Krishna.
    Hare Krishna.
  • Itni heavy angrezi.....kuch samjh me he nahi aya
  • E-Counselor
    Hare Krsna,

    Just chant Hare KRsna Mahamantra. All the above delusions/ illusions/ indoctrination/ programming....whatever else....will clear. What is point of this intellectual foray if it doesn't lead us to Krsna?
    No need to waste time. Chant Hare Krsna instead.
    Our philosophy is so simply and sublime - CHant Hare Krsna and Be Happy.
    Radha Rasamayi DD
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