Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

There is one aged Vaishnavi Mother. Her son beats her. She depends on him financially because she never did job outside. So what she can do now so that she could practice Krishna Consciousness nicely?

She is the resident of India. 

Do You know any Vanaprastha ashrams here around in India?

Or can You give some other suggestions for her, please?

We thought of some cow seva if she does in some goshalas...but still we do not know in which and how.

Thank You so much!

Your servant, bhaktin maral

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  • Hare krsna mataji :

                                 I totally agree with pratap prabhu. I will too be very delighted to send her some money to get out of that house and stay in the association of devotees. The entire congregation is her family and we are non different than her children. Please let us know the contact details of her or if you could please contact her and let me know as well.

    It is a vaishnava aparadh, not only to perform such a henious crime but alos to not do anything after knowing that it is happening somewhere within the congregation.

    Thank you for bringing this to our association.  

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      You all have very huge heart Prabhus! Thank You so much! 

      Only in such care taking congregation weaker ones will live happily with no fear and practice Krishna Consciousness. All glories to You!

      Yes, one Devotee family will take her to their home. So she will stay in their home and do some seva for Deities, cooking...

      Thank You so much again!

      Your servant,  

      • Hare Krishna Bhaktin Mataji

        Feeling really bad to know about such things.

        Please let me know if I can have the opportunity to serve/help in whatever way it's possible.

        Hare Krishna.

        • Volunteer

          Thank You dear Alka Mataji!

          Her problem is solved now by the mercy of Devotees and Gopinath. She will stay in some other Devotee family.

          But we have to know and be ready that such like situations will be there in the future. So we could assist in creating such like ashrams. 

          At this time ISKCON Tirupati having such project for making ashrams so if some of You dear Devotees here wishing help then please contact HG Raman Reti Prabhu http://www.iskconcenters.com/tirupati/

          Thank You so much!

          Your servant, 

          • hare krsna mataji PAMHO,

            Its very nice to see that you have raised this issue. This is increasingky becoming a widespread phenomenon especially in urban areas. There is a family where mother and son are initiated devotees and daughter in law is not devotee and she is forcing her to go out of the house. The father in law is termillay ill and totally dependant. The son is in dilemna what to do?

             He has two kids. Reccently his wife is becoming increasingly violent and verbally and physically abusive to both mother and son.

            what should the son do?

            • The Udhampur Iskcon is the best place for her to proceed forthwith. But,may I please know,why has n't she left the son,yet. If there is a cause of "MOHA",then,I think nothing can be done. Is n't it better to face any harassment than being beaten up by our own children ?  Thank you. 

            • Volunteer

              Does wife work somewhere?

              If no then the best option is to leave her with no money for some time. And husband should try to talk with her seriously as like a real man. If even that she does not listen then this money issue is nice.

              If even though she remains like that then husband can kick her out of home for some time to her parents' place. It does not mean he beats her or something like that but just orders her to leave the house.

              As like in the history we know one man told his wife not to enter his home because she slept in someone's house for night and that he is not like Ram who allows such like things. 

              Also Gandhi when he had problem with his wife told her to leave the home.

              She went out and sat on the door step...

              So in this way she will be humiliated, and understand that she depends on husband. So in order to be happy she has to be obedient to a husband and love his parents. 

              ;( how i dislike to hear about such women!

              They try to become man and make out of men women. And as a result whole society suffers: children do not listen to father, as a result they become street students ....


              So summary is husband should be detached from wife and be ready to order her to go out of the house not vise versa.

              Your servant, 

              • Hare krsna

                  Thanks for the well thought out reply. But under the law a woman cannot be ordered to leave her matrimonial home however she is. I think this is a issue of incompatibility and isnt it better for the husband to leave her alone and take the parents with himself and focus on self and as far as money is concerned it is the duty of the husband or pati/bharta to maintain her and children under any circumstance irrespective of her behaviour. isnt this also right that husband leave the home with parents. because in the longterm effect will be same whoever leaves  i. e.  disintegration of family unit.

                • E-Counselor

                  Hare Krsna,



                  I think that the family unit should be kept together to the extent possible. Some senior devotee should try to speak with the wife and understand from her why she is behaving like this and try to explain to her how bad it is. If possible, involve her family also so that they can also put pressure on her to behave herself.


                  One does not need to be a devotee to have qualities of a human being. Considering that they have 2 children, it does not appear to be a new marraige and if she was misbehaving from the beginning, then the children would not have happened.


                  Maybe we are seeing only one side of the coin. With counselling, this marraige can be saved. The man can arrange for a nurse for the father so taht the wife does not physically do for the father.


                  My intention is try to find a solution before dissolving a family unit.

                  • Volunteer

                    If possible let's organize some meetings with her with other Devotees or else You can invite some Devotee families to Your home and have sadhu sanga then nice Prasadam... 

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