Agarbattis in Vishnu pooja

Hare Krishna!Pamho .......Dandvats...I was listening to Bhagvatam at a local temple recently and Vyas ji's representative I.e katha vachak was saying that Agarbattis shud not be used while worshipping Vishnu/Krishna......becos of following reason.....I wonder what 's Gaudiya Vaishnavism take on per the philosophy IsKcon follows.Senior devotees, kindly counsel.....Reason:- Rishab Dev ji....the avatar of lord Krishna...the first tirthankar of Jains....was a mukt atma....enlightened one.....and after he renounced his body.....he took next birth as a Cobra......and by circumstances....once he was under a bamboo tree......which caught fire....and he was burned along with bamboo tree fire....Since agarbattis lower end uses bamboo Shri Vaishnavas should not use Agarbattis.Kindly explain as per Iskcon philosophy.....Thank you.....Hare Krishna........Jai Rishabh Dev.......Jai Dwarikadhish!

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  • srimate ramanujaya namah

    srimate lakshminrusimhaya namah 

    adiyen asks devarer i.e karthik ji to reply whose katha was he hearing to ? do you belong to Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya ? briefly explain the context in which the non-usage of agarbatti is mentioned as adiyen didn't get it ..

    Traditionally as far adiyen is concerned dhUpa was commonly used instead of agarbatti's but nowadays agarbatti's are too commonly used in temple service.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I do not know the shastra behind it - can tell you what I see and do.

    In ALL ISKCON temples, the arati at all times begins with offering of dhoop sticks. This is what we do at home also. Regarding not using agarbatti because of the bamboo sticks attached to them, Lord Krsna used bamboo flutes in Vrindavan.

    I do not see a problem in using dhoop sticks.


    Your servant,


    • Thank you Mataji.......for the reply.

      Even i have seen pujaris using agarbattis in ISKCON temples.......and so was just clearing my doubt .


      Hari bol!

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