After Oh my God. Now we have P.K

Hare krishna to all devoteespamho AGTSPAfter Oh my God. Now we have new movie P.K which is again conveying same points. Ultimate message seems to be same as oh my God to reject all Godmen or middlemen. Movie also don't give message to love God or chant his holy names. But it presents our Relationship with him is simply of Give and take. It will again delude less Intelligent people for sure, how to deal with it? Why only fraud spiritual Gurus portrayed in such movies? Why not they tell people from whom to take authorised knowledge about God and who is real Guru? Why not they gives example of great Spiritual masters like Srila Prabhupada, Radhanath swami and so on, whose making millions of people devotees of Lord?Since this is Aamir khan movie, so it will be more influencing than Oh my God movie. It will obviously break all box office records. But I fear, it could create negative doubts in the mind of sincere spiritual seekers. As message is same, To reject all Godmens. Because concept of this movie is almost 80% same as of Oh my God movie. Just plot is different Kanji bhai was shown as atheist and P.K(Aamir khan) is shown as Alien. Who reject all rituals and current business which is going on in the name of God.I wish Iskcon make high budget movie on life of Srila Prabhupada and deliver these all deluding rascals. I'm sure it will be game changing in the history KC. But it should be as magnificent as these movies.

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  • Hare Krishna Devotees


    If one goes by the logic of only benefit, (What is in it for me!) then really we don't need these movies at all what value addition those are doing to the society apart from pure entertainment. Just for example, If Akshaya Kumar says pouring milk on Shivling is waste (OMG) and it should be given for the benefit of poor children. Then I would say instead of wasting Rs. 300/- or so for watching this non-sense stuff, why can't we donate same money for the mid-day meal, where by more than 10 poor kids can get one full meal, or any other social cause of your choice. So we all need to decide which is important. We don't need people like Akshay kumar or Amir Khan to tell this very common principle of life, that to at the cost of our own pocket.  These people are not Subject Matter Experts about God Realization hence their opinion really doesn't matters.

    Once upon a time there was a movie of Devanand, touching the HK devotees life, what impact it had. Despite of that our movement is still going on with full force.

    So in a nutshell  such impediments are bound to come in the movement, those were there in the past as well like Falgu Baba during Bhaktivinoda Thakur's time and  now these new Babas in the form of Devanand, Akshay kumar and Amir Khan. Movement is not going to be affected by such people and we should not be giving undue importance to these people.

    Please forgive if any information is touching anyone's sentiments. 


  • Here's my opinion:

    There's a difference between philanthropists and devotees and that is : Philanthropists try to please humanity at large and devotees try to please Krishna.

    Now if everybody tries to please Krishna then all spiritual and material problems of the world will be solved but if everybody tries to please humanity then maybe all material problems will be solved[and that too is a far fetch]but definitely spiritual problems will remain as they are.

  • Hare Krsna
    PK keeps referring to His Home, His planet and this planet and also the moon planet.
    He has managed to successfully transfer himself by material means from his planet to this planet in the movie.
    In easy journey to other planets it is described that the chances of remaining alive at the end of such a journey are remote.
    Dear Prabhujis and Matajis don't let fiction bother you. We know the facts. Bhagavad Gita is fact. Krsna is Sarvaloka Mahesvaram or owner of all planets.
    Just give PK Bhagavad Gita As It Is.
    The end
  • Correct..

    Hare Krishna, Hari Bol

  • Hare Krishna Nidhi Mataji!




    Radhey! Radhey!

    Mataji iam not at all agree with your comments as you are fully favouring a movie which is been produced by the non-devotees of the Lord Krishna and the people with the full materialism who avoid all vedic philoshpy in their daily life.

    Mataji the moto of these materialist people is just to entertain the majority of foolish people and gain the lot of publicity and earn lot of money for their sense gratification.  This is the way they are not only moving towards the path of full of hell but also dragging to other less intelligent people with them.

    You know to understand the Lord Krishna you will have to be a devotee of Lord Krishna and not only the devotee of Lord Krishna pure devotee of Lord Krishna and how can you become the pure devotee of the Lord Krishna by simply surrendering on to the lotus feet of guru who can show you the right path of the pure devotional ship and how to discharge the devotional services to Lord.

    Mataji how can akshay kumar, paresh rawal these non-devotees understand the SUPREME PERSONALITY LORD KRISHNA and how foolish they are, they are trying proove them correct.

    Mataji now let's come on this point you mention that in the movie they are showing that people are offering milk to Shivji and it is draining out in the drain and people rather than giving it to needy & poor kids they are offering it to Demigod Shiva. Simply they are trying to show that it is the wastage of milk and by spreading this message they are showing they are showing their disrespect to Shiva.

    Mataji i ask one thing that did Shiva told his devotee to offer him milk, honey and other stuffs etc. the answer is no. He does not require anything except a little drop a water offer him with seva bhaav is more expensive than any other gift offer to him in this world.

    You know Shiva is a pure devotee of Lord Krishna THE SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD. He is called Kailash Pati who have got everything but still he remain skint (means that he does not require anything) as he is a Vaishnav also and Vaishnavs remain satisy in himself by serving to Lord Krishna the SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD. So simply he is the pure devotee of Lord Krishna and the pure devotee of Lord Krishna does not require anything except serving to Lord Krishna with full devotional bhaav.

    Now let us come once again serving the milk to poor kids point:  If they are so much concern about this then why don't they distribute their money in charity which they would have earned from this movie. They wont have spent even a single penny of this noble cause rather then criticising to Shiva ( The Kailashpati).  Yes they would party out in the five star hotel and would have enjoyed a lot while satisfing their sense gratification.  Specially wine, non-veg eating, thirt point i do not want to mention.

    Why dont they adopt these helpless babies and feed them? Why they spend such a huge amount on their luxury? Why they use imported soaps, shampoos, cars and other thing? why do not they eat in the dhaba instead of five start hotel.If they cross cut these expensive products and other luxurories and save that money and donate it for the wellfare of these poor and needy kids.  I think that would a great lesson but simply they are making fool to large population of Kaliyug.

    Mataji i am just like your son and its my duty to update the true devotees of Lord Krishna like you.  Hope it would have been cleared to all Devotees.

    Your Humble Servant

    Bhuwan Dutt Bawari

    Hare Krishna

    • So do you think the milk should  be offered to Shiva than giving it to needy man? 

      Forget about others, what you would have done in this case?

      • A very simple solution prabhuji,

        I found it in your question only.Just change spelling of "than" to "then".I.e. first offer milk to shiva and "then" offer to the needy.

        It's not difficult at all and being done in all ISKCON temples.

  • Hare krishna Mataji
    I agree with you But It was really one sided movie and presented half truth. I also think like this before but after watching OH My God returns drama by Iskcon pune. Then I realized how one sided facts othey have shown. Actually people don't have enough intelligence to know who is right who is wrong. Yes they have shown krishna as the Supreme personality of Godhead but they have misinterpreted krishna's personality and message. I try to send you link Of that drama and pdf of that book
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