ishoupanishad said in first verse that GOD is purna and each part of GOD is purna how are we not GOD if the part of GOD inside us is purna?

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  • Hare Krsna Prabhuji



    An example in Prabhupad's books

    Just like the function of the different body parts like say hands is to provide food to the stomach, they are satisfied. But if the hands try to eat by themselves then they will be frustrated.

    When we just serve the Complete Whole, Supreme Absolute Truth, we feel so much satisfied and blissful and happy. 

    Since we are in this world the term serve, feels like a life wasting thing. But in the Spiritual World that is everything. Here also, as we start serving Lord Krishna we feel very satisfied and happy and blissful. 

  • Covered in the diverce energies of distraction, (Miah). We are no-longer full not pure or attractive or respectful twords Hi's creations. The Lord in Sri SriMahn Chatonyah would concur the bests will to be angry and induce even all beings to call out with Him on KRISHNA, that is being full of Krishna's Bavah. That is what that might be like! But Serreusly through, in this freal and debotched form, you want to be considered hole & perfect? Remembering Rahvanah, when He was asking for reword for Hi's pennence & perfectionism He didn't even ask for any protection aganst (Man) and as a man our Status in creation has not much improved! By nature these mortal beings are irreverent & in regards to their fellow man, WELL. It's not on the agenda.) Sorry to disappoint!
  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    please save me.

    Only offense-less chanting of Krsna's names like Hare Krsna Mahamantra can save us.

    each part of GOD is full then we are also part and parcel of GOD then aren't we also full.

    We are complete units. But we are dependent units. Just like a small part of an airplane may be complete and perfect in itself. Even then if it is separated from the plane it cannot function. Our situation is similar. Soul is complete in itself, in the sense that it doesn't need material body. But since the soul cannot function being disconnected from Krsna, it gets covered by material energy. The solution is to function in connection with Krsna. 

    Hare Krsna

  • In summary, it is speaking about perfect completeness from the perspective of God and not from our perspective.
    From God s view all that He has manifested are as He wanted them to be. This world was manifested to give chance to rebellious jivas to imitate Him and also to reform them . Thus it is fulfilling its purpose that God created it for .
    In this way it has been said for all things from the consideration of God.
    • Yes but a full teaspoon is comparable to a full bathTub or the great resavwas can it, not equaly? What your saying does indacat that we maybe transcendental to karma & Myah
      In our pureafide State, when properly sittuwated in seevice.!
      I think that means
  • Thus we are never called as absolute truth because we are dependent upon the Lord for the meaning for our existence but the Lord exists independent of everything because He is their cause.

    This is the whole idea of completeness explained in this book - live in harmony with iswara, be a part of God don't be apart.
    The next verse says isavasyam idam sarvam ... live according to gods will. Don't act against His plan.

    Then next verse tell how living like this benefits- one can liv 100 s of years like this without being entangled

    Then next verse tell how acting against this principle is dangerous

    Then when one is convinced about following this path he has to start by knowing iswara in order to follow Him , so isopanisad speaks the nature of God as being inconceivable and beyond logic (he walks and also doesn't walk, He is far yet near etc)

    So it advises us to cultivate right vidya and right upasana to develop the spiritual vision for realising Him. And in the end the prayers for God's grace to reveal Himself is explained.

    Thus the whole message is to live according to gods will .therefore the name isa-upanisad.
  • Sri guru gaurangau jayatah

    Actually this verse is explaining the nature of God,(about whom the following verses speak on).

    Om purnam adah, that (absolute truth - godhead) is perfect and complete. Purnam idam this(material manifestation) has emanated from Him and is perfect and complete. Even though many complete units come from Him, He doesn't become deficient, He is still complete.

    In mathematics, 2-1=1. 2-2=0 etc. But infinity minus anything is infinity. Infinity minus infinity is also infinity. In the first case if i remove one from two, then the original two was lacking by one. Again when I take two from two, then the original two is again become empty. But this same arithmetic when applied to infinity it is seen that it will always remain as it is no incompleteness comes here.
    God is such an amazing person, His existence and actions transcend our logic and reasoning, He is to be sought after.

    The upanisads don't directly speak about krsna. In the Vedas there are so many gods and their worship has been recommended for various needs of the worshippers.
    But the upanisads come with philosophy and give us knowledge about a higher reality. It rejects the material gifts and advises us to seek out the eternal. All the gods etc mentioned in the karma kanda can giv temporary boons and also they hav material bodies and they die also.
    But krsna / Vishnu is not like them , His forms, names , pastimes etc are not like the others, therefore before talking about the spiritual conception of God they give indirect reference to God. What He is.

    Later when one crossing the temporary reality desires to attain eternal, he is directed towards bhakti path (as described in bhagavata purana) where the direct personal details of God is talked about in gradations.

    This is what the main focus of invocation is about- to indicate the subject matter of the book ie isa (the supreme Lord)
    Now addressing your question, u acknowledge that we are PART of God in your question. Now logically when you say "part" then it means it must belong to something("whole").
    Only when the part is connected with the whole, it can be called as part otherwise it has no meaning.for example my finger is a part of my hand. It's meaning of existence is dependent upon me. As long as it acts according to my will, it can be said as being perfect and complete. If it get disease and counterproductive to me I will cut it off and the finger becomes meaningless ,incomplete and imperfect.
    Similarly we being part of God are perfect and complete when we are connected to Him and doing His will. Otherwise we remain incomplete, no matter what changes we make to solve this. This has been explained well in the purport. In our normal condition(krsna conscious) we are complete but in disease condition( conditioned state) we can't realise our completeness.

    This is the meaning of completeness of the living entity who is part of God.

    Your doubt that because we are complete parts of God how can't we be God can be examined logically.
    Your understanding is like how can't the perfectly complete God and His perfectly complete parts (living entity) be equal or same.
    The answer is that the whole and the part can never be logically same or equal although they share similar characteristics (the parts derive this from their whole). This is the distinction between absolute and relative existence. Our completeness is not in terms of being the same substance as that of our origin(God) in quantity (but being His parts we are of the same quality - spiritual beings).

    Just like we know the finger and hand are made of same flesh but the finger is meant for the purpose of the hand(relative existence) and not the other way around(absolute existence).

    So all through , we must understand that the completeness and perfectness is in terms of its purpose that the Lord has manifested it for.
    •    His existence and actions transcend our logic and reasoning

         convenient excuse :-) 

        Also we are more than a finger.... we are complete beings.... even if there is a connection to God and a connection to everything else....


      • Sevak

        Hare Krsna

        We are complete beings

        But such complete beings without the connection to the supreme complete being - Krsna, can become completely dysfunctional. 

        Hare Krsna

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