about shreemati radharani

hare krsna to all
i would just want to ask one question about radharani is that
what is the difference between radha and rukmani .why rukmani is not given the place of radharani?
and i just read a blog of geeta kakkar in that she has mentioned abut radha s husband and mother in law .... it made me more confused .........i dint understand their relationship.and even the court has passed some judgement based on their relationship which was hurting to me 
m very confused 
i dont have any right to ask these question but things were troubling me so i just asked.sorry if m hurting anybodys.  feelings please forgive me as i m just learning.hare krsna

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  • Everyone who want to know who is Radha Rani, please read the Blog of Mayapur Vasi Das namely "Who is that Girl with Krsna ?" Prabhuji has explained very clearly.
    • thankyou so much prabhuji for telling me about the blog i read it .it is beautiful and really helped me to get knowledge and understand my mistake
  • Hare Krishna Anuradha,
    Dandavat pranaam
    Hope some of the senior vaishnava's on this forum answer this question.Till then my 2 cents for you..
    I have heard or read( dont recollect where) that all the wives or counterparts of Sri Krishna are expansions or partial expansions of Srimati Radharani.So that would explain why Rukmini is not given the place of Radharani.

    Yes and I have also read about Radharani's husband and mother-in-law.I beleive the love between Sri Krishna and Radharani in their earthly pastimes is called parakiya bhava or paramour love.
    Dont get confused or try to analyse on all these points- it is very difficult to understand the relation between Sri Krishna and Radharani and all the gopi's.We need high levels of purity to understand these pastimes without conditioning our mind with mundane relations as seen in our daily life-
    Accordingly the pastimes of Sri Krishna with the gopis have been mentioned in the 10th canto of Srimad Bhagvatam.reading the first 9 canto's will purify our consciousness making us fit to read the 10th canto without offence. So beginners in Krishna Consciousness are advised not to read literature or discuss about the intimate past-times of the Supreme Lord with the Gopis.I have heard of very senior vaishnava's refusing to speak on these past-times quoting that they were unqualified to do so
    Hope I have not confused you further :)
    P.S: dnt intend to discourage anyone-I too am a neophyte and gathered this knowledge from various sources.I may be wrong and wld appreciate correction.

    • thankyou so much mataji for your reply i really dint mean to discourage anyone .i like the way you have taken trouble to reply my question you replied nicely i m grateful to you thanx once again
  • hare Krishna mataji.
    i think that for your confused ques.
    radharani is love to Krishna,she is not live without him,in her Krishna concessions is full ,here rukmani is also do that but different. rukmani is wife of Krishna so live with her and love him, but there radharani not a wife of krishna but also \ pure love to Krishna more than wife(rukmani).

    i m das but i say 2 u this ans by blessing of radha damodar and prabhupad if any mistake plz say me.
    hare krishna
    my mobile number is +91-9898629008
  • Radhe Radhe,
    Radhaji is an eternal lover of Krishnaji whereas Rukmaniji is a wife of Krishnaji. No ones love can be compared with Radhaji as Her love is beyond any comparison.It can't be explained by words. It is stated in some books that Radhaji was married but that does not reduce Her love for Krishnaji. She secretly loved Krishnaji and Her family did not come to know of it. Hope it clears some of your doubts.

    Take care.
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  • Hare Krsna ! Radha Rani is Lord Krsna' Aalhaadini Shakti. Lord Krsna and Radhe Rani are one soul in two bodies for doing Krishna Leela on this earth. Lord Krsna is the owner of this whole Universe. He is not bound by faulty legal systems created with a faulty mind of human beings. He is the owner of everybody and he creates his own laws. You are trying to judge Lord Krsna with rules, practices, and laws which are always ammended, changed as per need and desire of the ruler on earth, which are never permanent that is why you are feeling guilty. Think of them as Krishna the Supreme Lord whose rules and laws never change and are permanent. The topic i very large it can not be contained in a few words. You will have to do satsang with some Bhagwatacharyas, in depth and for quite some time.
    • thankyou so much prabhuji for your reply actually i dont know anything but just trying to learn somethingby readings books and blogs .hope to get guidance from you in the future .take care hare krsna
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