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I want my doubt to be clarified/discussed as I found few texts in Manu Smriti which support directly about animal eating(only few, not all).


In Manu smriti - (Laws of Manu), Chapter 5, Vesrse 18 says -:

The porcupine, the hedgehog, the iguana, the rhinoceros, the tortoise, and the hare they declare to be eatable;  likewise those (domestic animals) that have teeth in one jaw only, excepting camels.


He further, says, in same chapter, verse 30 -:
The eater who daily even devours those destined to be his food, commits no sin;
for the creator himself created both the eaters and those who are to be eaten (for those special purposes).


Recently, I read a book "Chant and be Happy" where in one of excerpts of Srila Prabhupada's,  He mentions that start chanting , you yourself will start following the regulative principles.

and anyone can exprience that very fact that being vegetarian gives quick results of chanting.


I myself is vegetarian(used to eat egg earlier) and just wanted to discuss the same as found deviation in Manu Smriti which records the words of Brahma by Manu.


Hare Krishna!!

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    of course spp is greater than any other devotee in iskcon. but read the first point of
    my reply again. despite of knowing that one will get slaughtered in the same way as he is doing now, he is desperate to eat mamsa and can't resist it. so ur point that these people r foolish is correct. but what about the goat? ,the innocent one. that goat has to get a human form immediately so such offering is done to goddess kali, not to make the mamsa reactionless but to give that goat a higher specie. as far as offering is concerned she doesn't like such "bali". when jad bharat was about to being offered to kali, she actually killed those decoits to save jad bharat. when vedas have recommended it for people in mode of ingnorance then its for the animal's good. plz comment
  • hare krsna siddhartha pr.! this fact i have heard from a bhrahmachari devotee from chowpatty temple so i think it has to have some authenticity..plz comment.
  • Dear Sandeep,
    please dont think the manu samhita supports animal slaughter in any way. If you have read the rest of the chapter you must have seen the strict warnings given not to kill anything outside the context of vedic rituals, and you must have seen that the general view of meat eating is that it is disgusting and should be given up by intelligent people.

    the eating of "meat which has not been sprinkled with water while sacred texts were recited" is completely forbidden. even those animals listed as eatable cannot be killed for the purpose of eating them, but only for authorized sacrifices.

    here are a few more verses from the same chapter, so readers can see for themselves how meat eating is condemned -

    One may eat meat when it has been sprinkled with water, while Mantras were recited, when Brahmanas desire (one's doing it), when one is engaged (in the performance of a rite) according to the law, and when one's life is in danger.

    The consumption of meat (is befitting) for sacrifices,' that is declared to be a rule made by the gods; but to persist (in using it) on other (occasions) is said to be a proceeding worthy of Rakshasas.

    37. If he has a strong desire (for meat) he may make an animal of clarified butter or one of flour, (and eat that); but let him never seek to destroy an animal without a (lawful) reason.

    38. As many hairs as the slain beast has, so often indeed will he who killed it without a (lawful) reason suffer a violent death in future births.

    39. Svayambhu (the Self-existent) himself created animals for the sake of sacrifices; sacrifices (have been instituted) for the good of this whole (world); hence the slaughtering (of beasts) for sacrifices is not slaughtering (in the ordinary sense of the word).

    45. He who injures innoxious beings from a wish to (give) himself pleasure, never finds happiness, neither living nor dead.

    46. He who does not seek to cause the sufferings of bonds and death to living creatures, (but) desires the good of all (beings), obtains endless bliss.

    47. He who does not injure any (creature), attains without an effort what he thinks of, what he undertakes, and what he fixes his mind on.

    48. Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures, and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to (the attainment of) heavenly bliss; let him therefore shun (the use of) meat.

    49. Having well considered the (disgusting) origin of flesh and the (cruelty of) fettering and slaying corporeal beings, let him entirely abstain from eating flesh.

    52. There is no greater sinner than that (man) who, though not worshipping the gods or the manes, seeks to increase (the bulk of) his own flesh by the flesh of other (beings).

    hare krsna...
    • hare krishna! i salute your knowledge. kindly provide more knowledge abot this topic. thanking you.
    • Thank you for your kind explaination Rishabh Prabhuji,

      I completely agree that manu samhita does not supports animal slaughter in any way except for some exceptions where some sacrifices to be made and that to with recitation of sacred text.

      But the animals I mentioned in verse 18, are declared eatable without any rituals or so.

      Meat Eating is strictly prohibited and it is also said that one who eat the meat of Fish is known as Flesh eater and is advised not to eat fish(verse 15) , But at the same time,it says in verse 16 as eating Ragivas, Simhatundas(name of Fish species) is acceptable at all occasions and that of Pathina (famous fish species) under some offerings to the GOD .

      16.(But the fish called) Pathina and (that called) Rohita may be eaten, if used for offerings to the gods or to the manes; (one may eat) likewise Ragivas, Simhatundas, and Sasalkas on all (occasions).

      But Also, I could see one more verse which I could see logical in not eating any kind of meat/flesh etc as krishna Conciousness is for those who love to take great rewards.

      56. There is no sin in eating meat, in (drinking) spirituous liquor, and in carnal intercourse, for that is the natural way of created beings, but abstention brings great rewards.

      Probably, you would also be agree to me on this point.

      Have KC day !!
      • can we take chiken, mutton and eggs?
      • hare krsna,
        i have not read manu samhita at all but just want to share some of my views as i have heard from senior devotees.
        1. vedas describe that one who is desperate to eat non veg( hindi: mamsa) should eat goat only on amavasya night offering it goddess kali uttering some verses in his ears meaning that next life i'll b in ur place and u'll be on mine. the word mamsa (mam(i)+sah(you)) itself is derived from the above explanation.
        2. taking bhagavad gita into consideration sribhagavan says offer me a fruit, flower, leaf or water with full devotion he'll accept it. adding on frm other verses he explains in further verses the qualities, eating habits of people in mode of goodness, passion and ignorance. of course any kind of mamsa whether unoffered or offered would signify raj and tam guna. obviously offering of non veg food is done only to demigods.
        3. whenever there is a clash between sayings frm diff scriptures, preference should be given to the more authentic one. More u go towards demigod worship more options will be open to u. but remember one has to climb up the ladder of tam, raj and sattva to reach trancedental stage.
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