a discussion about actions and reactions

Hari bol devotees , my obeisences ,

i have a small doubt. In our philosophy we say that whatever we do we get an equal opposite reaction . 

suppose someone is killing cows . so we say in future the same reaction will come to us means those cows in some other form or may be in same form will kill us ( may be in human form or other form ).

my doubt is may be in past those cows ( or may be in other form ) killed us  [action]  , so now we are killing them [reaction]. why don't we take the theory of action-reaction in this way ?

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  • It seems to me that (A-karma) is accually-our circumstance!
    As an example ; Sri Chatonyah Nithya Nonda-ISKCON &- their prencibul of providing Un-unconditional educational practice/ The GodHead(s) too,- uniquely!
    AnyWay (A-karma) is the clame*
    Humen's anatomy too is Renoincrd in it's / our bodi's are by it's desighn posesses (Natirelly) & inevitable-uniqueness by it's up-right posture)/Straight-up-* Design.
    I.e. karmic immunity in truth & in fact. And the desision of God. This is "TreRodge ISKCON is hear for those willing to realize their own (insignificance) No KARMA beCause WE do nothing
    A-Karma is what we have friend, will we be
    Cognasent of Natuer. & subject to Natuer's rathful impersonal way impersonal or Cognasent of our own FREEDOM on Krishna's teachings or saving or serving/SAVING those that
    CAN B
    • It could be that same selfish superficial Condition of awairness i.e.Karmic
      Good & or bad
      I'v done or it's mine.
      Hate & Love being judgmental.
      ISKCON is Trudge
      Helping those who understand
      DARMA is Owed & Comply as distracted by (HDG). It appers
      The Ego Is Eternal" i.e. we have an eternal identity However, when the mindSet is' So self absorbed. or pre-determend to become an artafishel imposition on destany-(karma/results/-ego-gratafacations this is falce ego because; that means that We are thinking " I deserve because I am worthy* Which could-be true "As one compars them selves to others/(False ego). Finlly
      It does seem we (do) have some degree of karmic controling facters that I feel should not be asscued, such as The Practice of The Darma of Honoring God & Hi's Creation (The Practice). Of cource there is the Atomically Supreme potencies of Krishna's Cognizant Presence in one's inviernment.
      So no karma is a (ConclusiveTruth) & because (Humens need not sin/offend), by reverting from mindless-to-mindful, Service and atomicDarshon), i.e. because GoD Can & does Forgive & redeem
      We can WALK away from Mya & with a kindness gratefully with a good intelligence and intentions engage/invest one's invaluable awairness. God forgives & God's will, will be done. MLK) said " The Ark of Justus may seem long & slowly, but Victory will faver the righteous." Be Faith full kind & devoted this is good
      (karma is good & evil-(God is good & the Greator Good) The TaW, The Way, The Source of all life, good intellagence & intintions personified ! I have heard that (HDG) (SP) would suggest " DoveTail" savilion services tword supporting ISKCON.
      If we are thinking "
      What can we do that God doe's
      Liberation becomes more profound* the more Proactively we *Follow the service prencibuls such as SelfLess intintions when Honoring Via. Sankierton & while CHANTING Jahpa Ie. Serving.
      The Practice, is' Doing The Work
      God is reciprocal Mya is a crule Task Master by nature,
      do the work.(Darma/Honor) +CHANT,-doing the work. = Our Greater Good & generally
      (Good Karma)
  • Phoney Human's
    Don't know how natuer is working
    Krishna's *Extreme Relevance again
    is shown hear. As more or less Hi's impulses We, are karmic ly
    Krishna GiShah
    & Krishna's The Head of the Karm department. C-Hari-Krishna
    Keyword; Chanting
  • Volunteer

    When Dhritharashtra after war enquired about his blindness to Krsna, krsna said to Dhritharashtra that in one of his births, Dhritharashtra was a hunter and he took great happiness in mercilessly blinding 100s of birds.

    None of those 100s of birds took birth again and blinded Dhritharashtra, but Dhritharashtra's  karma caught up with him after many many many many births. Also note that Dhritharashtra had to go through several births to accumulate good karmas to be able to father 100 sons.

    The reaction to our actions, small or big are stored for its subsequent and JUST reaction to be delivered in due course. However, in some cases, the person whom we hurt can come back to take similar revenge in future births.

  • Hare Krishna Anil Prabhu ji., 

    It is not as simple as it seems action and reaction.  Let us say a cow only... It is basically a harmless creature. It wont generally go to kill someone out of rage or in some mode of passion.  Only when it is frightened it might trample someone and this may lead to accidental death of the child who was running in its way.

    SO  here who is to be blamed? Is it the cow? or the person who was chasing the cow with a big stick? or the mother of the child who was busy working in the kitchen and was careless and neglected the child who came in the way of the cow?  Or the past karma of the child who had to die at a very young age?

    For any action to occur there are so many other causes that have to considered and you cannot blame only the cow. It had no intention to kill. 

    But a human being has intention to kill. He is under the mode of passion or ignorance and always after a selfish end. Running after his taste buds or wanting to become rich by making money in leather industry. He does crime of killing the cow.

    For a karma to be judged as right or wrong even in our material world also we see the intention behind an action? Right?

    If you carefully observe the cow cannot be blamed for the death of the child. It didn't kill the child for its taste buds or for its own selfish ends. It was an accident as it was chased by a person with a stick and in that hurry it trampled a little boy.

    So , you cannot always says action and reaction tit for tat. cow killed me so I will kill cow it is absurd. Cow has no intellect.  But you have the buddhi to decide what is good what is bad. 

    Cow had no intention but now you have intention to kill for the sake of your taste buds or for money.  SO, you are liable for you actions.

    And all action and reaction is not happening just like that .. It is under God's supervision.  Karma fala ( fruit of the karma) is not in your hands. It is decided by God and it is given accordingly. He alone the the power to even erase your karma also.

    And it is not so easy as it seems. action- reaction.. Nope. Lord when decides to give you the fruit of the past deeds everything comes into the play.

    Remember Karna? He had a curse.. he was practicing archery and his goal suddenly got deviated( as his attention was diverted to a sound) and it hit a poor brahmin's cow and it led to its death?

    Karna had not intention of killing the cow but he got the curse from the brahmin whose only livelihood was that cow. That he would die in a battle when his attention gets diverted. 

    He also had a curse of the bhoomi mata ( earth) becoz he once hurted her somehow and she gave him a curse that when in need of her support he would not get it. 

    And also he had another curse from his guru Parushurama.. that when he want to recall his mantras for invoking the astras he will forget them.

    When time came.>. Lord Keshava planned it so that all the curses at once came into picture for causing the death of Karna.

    So .. action and reaction is not so easy.. as it seems.  SO many things have to come into play and it is only decided by Krishna when you have to suffer, what time , which birth.. and may other reasons for the reaction( karma Fala) also will be considered by Krishna.

    So when Karna was in dire need for remembering the mantras he forgot them.. when he wanted support of Earth she didn't give and his chariot wheel sunk into the earth, and as a result of brahmin curse as his attention was diverted towards the wheel.. Krishna ordered Arjuna to kill Karna. ( as per the brahmin's curse)

    To summarize....

    Firstly,Intention of the Karma is must.. 

    Secondly, There is always a Supersoul guiding us and giving us good advice whenever we try to fall prey to the modes of passion and ignorance.  If you take the advice and change your choice and avoid the act of killing a dumb animal you can cut the chain reaction. Other wise you are only liable to suffer for your actions.

    You may want to even refer to this interview of HDG Srila Prabhupada.. for it is based on same topic.


    It has an excellent reply by guru maharaj .... really liked this part.

    "They are sending animals to the slaughterhouse, and now they'll create their own slaughterhouse. [Imitating gunfire:] Tung! Tung! Kill! Kill! You see? Just take Belfast, for example. The Roman Catholics are killing the Protestants, and the Protestants are killing the Catholics. This is nature's law. It's not necessary that you be sent to the ordinary slaughterhouse. You'll make a slaughterhouse at home. You'll kill your own child-abortion. This is nature's law. Who are these children being killed? They are these meat-eaters. They enjoyed themselves when so many animals were killed, and now they're being killed by their mothers. People do not know how nature is working. If you kill, you must be killed. If you kill the cow, who is your mother, then in some future lifetime your mother will kill you. Yes. The mother becomes the child, and the child becomes the mother."

    Amazing reply indeed. It is not going to be necessarily that cow will come and kill you for u killed it. You will be killed by your own mother. ( child-abortion) .. mother will be childless.

    Hare Krishna.

    Cows and Karma
    You are killing innocent cows and other animals—nature will take revenge. Just wait. As soon as the time is right, nature will gather all these rasca…
    • WOW great answer..... you said : Intention of the Karma is must

      This kind of underplays the whole concept of KC that we did bad things in past lives, because if we do not remember the past lives then they cannot be included in how our intent developed. Knowing  one's past also plays a big role in what we might do.......

      To me the whole fault is the world itself and how it is. We kill microbes with every breath, and we are forced to do bad things in order to exist. So the nature vrs nurture argument takes a whole new twist with past lives in which we do not remember what we did. This concept of playing the blame game in my opinion is the weakest pillar of KC philosophy...... clear it up please..... thnx :-)

    • my doubt is may be in past those cows ( or may be in other form ) killed us  [action]  , so now we are killing them [reaction]. why don't we take the theory of action-reaction in this way ?

      If at all cow of today was a enemy( human) in ur last birth.. and he killed you so you are killing the cow now? it may be your question..

      But If he was a criminal and killed you in your previous birth then how will be even become a cow??  Cow birth is considered great and holy. It is most harmless creature. If he/ she was a criminal and involved in killing he would never get a cow birth itself.

      Cow is equal to mother in Sanatana dharma. All God's reside in the Gomata. A criminal would never be born as a cow first of all.

      Secondly, whether or not the cow was ur enemy in last birth is not the matter as you donno what is ur past. All you know is only your present. Which is in your hands.. You can avoid the sin. If your intellect is in KC you will forgive/ will act in the mode of goodness. And take the advice of the Supersoul.

      Hare Krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    To add to what Bharat prabhuji has very clearly explained, what you are mentioning is the easy way out to console oneself that actually one is bound to kill that cow because of a previous karma that is still pending to be squared off. 

    Like Bharat prabhuji explained, it is the choice of the soul whether to kill or not. If that soul has become purified enough to want to stay away from violence to avoid further karma. it does not absolve the predator soul of the results of karma committed. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    my doubt is may be in past those cows ( or may be in other form ) killed us  [action]  , so now we are killing them [reaction]. why don't we take the theory of action-reaction in this way ?

    If a person A kills a cow B, then as per law of karma, person A will be killed. It is not necessary that the cow B is required to become human B and kill cow A.

    When cow B is killed by person A and B becomes human, B still has a choice whether or not to kill a cow. If B chooses not kill cow, then material nature will arrange for another person to kill A in cow form. 

    In simple terms all humans have choice of not killing cows whether or not we were killed as a cow is immaterial. Similarly we all have a choice whether we surrender to Krsna or continue our cycle of birth and death in this material world.

    I hope it is clear

    Hare Krsna

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