Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita
"I am seated in everyone's heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness."
How do we understand the following news? My faith shakes when i read such news. Devotees please explain me. It is said that soul is present in heart and illuminates the whole body. But now humans are transplanting robotic hearts as well. I am unable to comprehend this with what is said by Lord Himself.
LONDON: A 15-year-old boy has become the world's first child to be implanted with an artificial heart. The unnamed  Italian boy had the 10-hour operation last week and was said to be well in intensive care.

As he has the muscle-wasting illness Duchenne's syndrome,
he was ineligible for a heart transplant. He was close to death when surgeons decided to save him with the artificial heart.

Antonio Amodeo carried out the operation at Bambino Gesu children's hospital in Rome, the Daily Mail reported.

Officials said the artificial heart is expected to give the boy another 20-25 years of 'normal life'.

Amodeo said the heart is 2.5 inches long and was placed inside the left ventricle and its connection with the ascending aorta.

"The device is an electrically activated hydraulic pump and is entirely located inside the thorax, in order to reduce the risk of infection," he said.

"It is powered through a plug positioned behind the left ear and connected to a battery that the patient holds on a belt and is charged during the night like a mobile phone," Amodeo added.

"This is the first time such a device has been placed in a young child and should give him an improved quality of life even though he is suffering from Duchenne's syndrome," he said.

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    • Thanks for your reply Siddharth prabhu. Even my mind was giving me many such thoughts but i am looking for a concrete description based on the scriptures and gurus teachings.
  • Hare krishan To all dear devotees,

    Yes manoj prabhu this is true that the song is very exited in punjabi language. It is realy true that if god saves one no body even Yamraj (demi lord of death) has no power to touch that person. You know the story of Markande (he was the dearest devotee of shiva). When he come to know that afer the age of 12 he will die. And then he start to worship of Mahakaal (shiva). After 12 years when Yamraj come to take Markande. He was from the shiv ling wrap. (markande shivling se lipat gaya). He remember shiva. Because Markande was the great devotee of shiva. shiva appears himself and shiva was so anger so anger on Yamraj he start to threw his Trishool to kill the yamdoot but Yamraj suddenly fell down on the feet of shiva. Shiva is realy BHOLE NATH. shiva forgive him and Yamraj go away then shiva gives him long life for devotion.

    Markade was famous after as Markande ji Maharaj

    This is the quality of Mahadev. Hari Hari Bol.
    • Hare Krishna,
      Thanks to all of you for sparing your time and replying me. I agree on this point "jako mare krsna rakhe ke, rakhe krsna mare ke".
      With thanks to all of you i close this discussion.

      Srila Prabhupada's servant
      Amit Kapoor
  • Jako Rakhe Saian song is when the songs are so exciting, the Panjabi's would say Bale Bale etc..Lol.

    Meaning of song:

    Jako means whom ever
    Rakhe mean is Saved
    Saiyan means by GOD
    Maar sake na koi means no body can kill them
    "whom ever is protected by GOD, no one can kill them"

    Hence the pic attached.

    P.S. I'm not Panjabi.. I'm Rajput Kshatria..but when songs that exciting are sung you goto go with the flow!.. :-)
  • Hare krishan Amit prabhu !

    It is true that lord sits in our heart but if the boy has to change his heart lord is also sits near of the heart and he protect him and gives the life after the operation. This is the mercy of lord krishan that he gives him life otherwise he may not alive.

    The soul size is the ten thousandth part of single hair which goes unseen. This is not only heart it may live any part of body. if the boy has changed an artificial heart still soul is near the place of heart and lord is also sit near the soul. There is not need to wory because " JAKO RAKHE SAIAN MAR SAKE NA KOE ! BAL BHI BANKA NA KOI KAR SAKE, CHAHE SARA JAG VERI HOE !!

    • Bale Bale...wahu wahu.. wahu, wahu.. wahu wahu

  • Jai Shri Krishna..

    "Amodeo said the heart is 2.5 inches long and was placed inside the left ventricle and its connection with the ascending aorta. " The left Ventricle is within the heart and connecting the ascending aorta which is above the left ventricle. They also mentioned that the syndrome is wasting away the muscle of the heart in that area where the pump(artificial heart) was placed to take over the task of the heart. Nowhere is it written that the heart was removed.

    When Krishna says, "I am seated in everyone's heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness." please don't deliberate or get bewildered.
  • Hare krishna,
    i think in above case heart is not fully replaced to automatic one as mention "heart is 2.5 inches long and was placed inside the left ventricle " left ventricle is part of heart only they might have replaced some part of heart.
    * we can stay in body is not depending on heart functioning but the destiny, also as i understand we stay (seat) on heart when heart transplantation happens we change seat.
    practical example to idetify presence of soul on heart: in butcher house when buthcer cuts off head of animal we can see the head doesn't move at all but the remaining body part which is connected to to heart (soul) keeps trembling, shaking , vibrating for some time. this happens with other body parts also.
    sorry for graphic example.pls forgive me.
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