I know that a man must follow four stages or ashrams in his life:1, Brahmacarya (celibacy)2. Grihastha (married life)3. Vanaprastha (detaching himself from worldly ties)4. Sannyasa (full renunciation)I am 24 years old now (i.e in Brahmacarya), so my primary duty is working hard to get name, fame, and wealth. I can get into Krishna Consciousness when I enter the stages of Vanaprastha and Sannyasa. Even by doing this, I will still be dedicating many, many years solely to Krishna for attaining the Absolute Truth. So, why should we worship Krishna all through our life? Instead, we should divide our duties for each stage and fulfill them. Even in ancient India, the kings took to meditation and spirituality only after they had handed over their empires to their sons (at around 50-55 years of age). Please guide me.An Obedient Student.Answer: Death Can Come at Any TimeYou have not fully and properly understood the four stages of life. The brahmacari is meant to fully absorb himself in Krishna consciousness so that when he gets married and takes up family duties he will have a strong spiritual background to protect him from the material atmosphere that he must deal with when earning his livelihood.Besides this, there is no guarantee how long we will live. In today's uncertain world we can die at any time. Therefore in order to properly prepare ourselves for the inevitable moment of death, we must seriously cultivate our Krishna consciousness at every stage of our lives. Since we can die at any time, we must immediately take to Krishna consciousness so that we can remember Krishna at the time of death.Even though the saintly kings of the Vedic times were engaged in ruling their kingdoms, they were also devoted to Lord Krishna at every step. Look at the example of Arjuna and his brothers. They were all devotees even when they were ruling the earth. Arjuna fully surrendered to Krishna even when he was actively engaged in his royal duties.Hari Hari Bolhttp://harekrishnaharekrishna.ning.com/?xgi=4e3PEPPhttp://harekrishnaharekrishna.ning.com

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