• Radhe Radhe,
    Who knows that. Every day due to our bad karmas, we die and due to good karmas, we recover. Thats is my life these days. So, I have left everything on Radhaji and trying to live each moment. With best wishes.

    Take care.
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    We are all the architects of our own destiny. According to the set of desires we cultivate during the course of this lifetime we form our next body right now. Various religions have set people up to think they can make bargains with the church for their salvation. This is patently absurd and just one more reason why standard religions have become nothing more than a fertile breeding ground for atheism.
  • Hey i have a query

    I have hrd that journey post death till the judgement gets announced is more difficult to pass through. Does it really happen that way.

    What happens once we die??

    Say i chant the maha mantra daily and i become devotee of Lord Krshna....what will happen when i die??
    Do a devoted soul again take birth and pass through the same birth death cycle or once we are under devoted to God we attain salvation ??

    What is the secret to attain salvation??

    Please guide me

    Amrita Saxena
    Hare Krishna
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      It is said that salvation or liberation (mukti) is standing with folded hands waiting to serve bhakti (love and devotion). The desire of the Vaishnava is transcendental to any desire for liberation. A Vaishnava only wants to serve Krishna and will even go to hell to serve Him if that's necessary.
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