Dear DevoteesA new social network has been created on visit it and join if its suitable for you.How can a devotee can help this endeavor ?1. By joining if he/she needs to get married2. By encouraging other devotees who are planning on entering grihasta ashram to join. ( It is said that marrying a devotee is usually better than marrying a karmi)3. Married devotees who can give valuable advice are welcome to join also.4. Any devotee is welcome to give advice, suggestions and comments to improve things on this network. Pls comment in this forum.Your prayers and blessings are needed by those who seek to enter grihasta ashram.So please bless this endeavor.Thank youYour servant in Krishna's serviceMahaprabhu Caitanya Das

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    If the men cannot learn to manage their ojas shakti properly, there will be divorce.
  • Hare Krishna!

    Thank You,

    Manjunath P H
  • As per Prabhupada Unmarried Boys Should Not be managing matrimonies i was told by one sanyansi last week when i told him i m going to start a matromony
    • Maybe the reason is they will soon want to get married :)

      There was one such devotee..he was wanting to be a Brahmachari..and then someone made him take up the duty..and then he got married..fortunately to a devotee.

      On a serious note..who is the sanyasi...and maybe we shld consult him on why he suggests this..and seek some advice on how to solve this.
      • i am happy a grihastha is now managing your matrimony websites :)
  • Hare Krsna Youth Refresh Team,
    I am actually a single girl of 30 years. I have been dreaming of entering grhsta ashram for the past 15 years.I have never had a chance as I could not a devotee to protect me.
    Day before yesterday, I have asked Lord Nrsimhadeva to protect me if nobody accept to marry me.
    I firmly believe that Lord Nrsimhadeva has listened to my prayers and today, I have got a chance to see your website .

    Chant Hare Krsna and be Happy
    • Hare Krishna Mataji

      I hope you are benefitting from the Free Matrimonial Service on

      Its important that more and more devotees know about this free seva and join. Kindly use the invite others button when you are logged in.

      your servant
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