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8418687100?profile=RESIZE_400xWe were outside and kept our distance. We walked the trails, or rather "crunched" along, over the surface of icy snow. We made our noise and made it clear, with the sound of our footsteps, that we were present. There could not be louder footsteps even if we tried.

The "we" referred to are the Patel clan, from Muskoka. A dozen of us had arranged for a purely outdoor event, in a separated formation, simply through walking and celebrating.

What was the celebration all about?

Well, in early December

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6372530459?profile=RESIZE_400xCorrado cycled over to Allen Gardens, with the mrdunga drum strapped to his back, and waited there for us walkers. This is a new strategy we’re trying. Each night, after our serenade of sorts (musical display at our stairwell facing the public), those on foot will reach a different park, get down on the grass and start chanting away.  Corrado’s lugging the drum by his bicycle saves us time and a burden.

We reached the garden park, which is just across the street from our old temple/ashram, at 18

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Stretch and Walk by Bhaktimarga Swami

One way to address the dreaded coronavirus is to build up your strength and resistance.  I hear that many of the victims of the disease are travel related.  I believe that if you put your “pedal to the metal” through walking in some good air, you are being very proactive.  Frankly, I do not hear much about boosting the health in these diseased times.  The virus might be contracted more indoors.  Maybe we are not spending enough time in nature’s security—the out-of-doors.

I actually started my
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