6372530459?profile=RESIZE_400xCorrado cycled over to Allen Gardens, with the mrdunga drum strapped to his back, and waited there for us walkers. This is a new strategy we’re trying. Each night, after our serenade of sorts (musical display at our stairwell facing the public), those on foot will reach a different park, get down on the grass and start chanting away.  Corrado’s lugging the drum by his bicycle saves us time and a burden.

We reached the garden park, which is just across the street from our old temple/ashram, at 187 Gerrard Street.  I was surprised by the occupants visiting this green space. In the ’70s practically all who hung out there were of a very challenged, homeless type—heavy on drugs and alcohol. Well, things have not completely changed but we did see a whole lot of decent families.

In any event we sat down, chanted and swayed to the beat of the drum. We kept respectful distance from each other.  One family, who are members of our community, joined us for the kirtan.  It has become almost a habit to take time to reflect upon the green we are sitting on, and then, at some point, find our eyes drawn upward to the sky of pure blue.

The evening hours are the best for people, just before dusk. The heat is behind them. Coolness has arrived. It is wind-down time. It can’t get any more pleasant.

When I returned from the kirtan, news came online about one of our colleagues, a monk from India, Bhakti Caru Swami.  He is Covid 19 positive and is in critical condition. It was an unsettling night. Lots of praying.  https://iskconnews.org/bhakti-charu-swami-hospitalized-for-covid-19,7395/

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2020/06/wednesday-june-17-2020.html

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