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The program's goal is the "creation of an ISKCON culture and leadership that celebrates and protects diversity and inclusion, making all devotees feel at home"

South Africa’s diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds offers unique opportunities to demonstrate the genuine efficacy and universal relevance of Krishna consciousness.  

Due to our conditioned nature and influenced by our different racial, cultural, socio-economic backgrounds and genders, we sometimes fall short in our ex

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South Africa has a painful history. So many people have suffered transgressions, so many have endured racial policies based on discrimination and deliberate marginalization. This history and its ongoing ramifications should never be trivialized, and any callousness should be met with a concerted effort to deepen our collective understanding of past and present pain. 

Human dignity is the bedrock of our country’s constitution, which enshrines equality, human rights, freedom, non-racialism, and

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