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By Radhika Kripa Devi Dasi and Kulavati Krishnapriya Devi Dasi  

On April 17th, 2024, the Sri Sri Radha Madhava Mandir at ISKCON Rohini in Delhi was inaugurated on the auspicious occasion of Sri Rama Navami. This is the eighteenth ISKCON temple in Delhi. The event occurred under the leadership of Gopal Krishna Goswami, GBC for Delhi, Keshava Murari Das, Temple President ISKCON Rohini, and his team. Many of ISKCON’s most senior devotees and leaders from around the world were in attendance. From

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By Raas Raman Krishna Das

Srila Prabhupada’s disciples are striving very hard to fulfill his desires to spread Lord Chaitanya’s movement in every nook & corner of the world.

ISKCON ROHINI, situated in the north-west area of Delhi is another feather in Srila Prabhupada’s cap. HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj has finally made it making it as 17th temple in the Delhi-NCR.
On the auspicious occasion of *Ram Navmi*, 17th April, the temple was formally inaugurated & *Bhavya Pran Pratistha* of Radha M

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Launch of Sankirtan Bus – ISKCON ROHINI


By Raas Raman Krishna Das

Sri Sri Radha Madhav Temple (ISKCON ROHINI, New Delhi) is all set to be formally inaugurated very soon now. The presiding deities namely Sri Sri Radha Madhav with Lalita & Vishakha, Panchtatva, Sita-Ram-Laxman-Hanuman are going to descend here max. by the Kartik 2023. Generous donors have almost done their jobs & stalwart preachers have also been in service for years now.

It’s time now for the sankirtan party of the temple to show its skills & prove to be Srila Prabhup

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By Raas Raman Krishna Das

Amidst the uncertainties, whether there would be ‘Rath Yatra 2020′ or not, holy Puri’s three chariots were taken out in grand procession. Lord Jagganatha not only came out with his siblings but also maintained the continuity of the age old festival.

Devotees around the world got satiated after their lordships’ darshans though it was all virtually. Year 2020 is really going quite heavy for not only material persons materially but also for the devotees’ community spiritua

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On 8th Dec. 2019 became a red-letter day in the history of Sri Sri Radha Madhav Temple, ISKCON ROHINI. The temple observed not only ‘Mokshada Ekadashi’ but also witnessed its first-ever ‘Kirtan Mela’.

Month-long preparations fructified into a grand harinaam mela with the slogan ‘CHANT FROM YOUR HEART’ in the presence of exalted devotees from all around the world. As the temple is in the final stages of its completion, the mela was dedicated to its grand opening in 2020. With ‘Adhivas Ceremony’

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Interfaith Dialogue 2019 at ISKCON Rohini



On the occasion of World Holy Name Festival, ISKCON Rohini organized an Interfaith dialogue on Glories of Holy Names on 23rd Sept 2019.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is no more a strange organisation in the field of spirituality. It's already celebrated the golden jubilee of its establishment &  devotees all around the world are relishing the joy of devotion today. All credit goes to ISKCON Founder Acharya HDG A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA. He was the first & f
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