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In a harmonious blend of spirituality, culture, and community, the 47th Annual LA Ratha Yatra Festival illuminated the heart of Los Angeles with vibrant colors, soul-stirring kirtans, and a deep sense of unity. Hosted by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), this cherished event showcased the collective devotion of thousands of participants, bridging distances and backgrounds for a celebration unlike any other.

Devotees from across the US and beyond converged at Venice B

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By Prof. Keith Ward

Can a scholar be a true believer? Can a believer be a good scholar? Two parts of a problem that has exercised many in the West since at least the Enlightenment. Prof. Keith Ward, Regius Professor Emeritus of Divinity at the University of Oxford, takes a fresh look at the conundrum by examining some of the main problems and outlining a few principles that may help modern-day devotee-scholars.

Religion calls for total commitment and faith. Scholarship calls for critical reason

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Yashoda tries to bind Krishna

By Karnamrita Das

[Reposted from 10-11-2011]One of the recommendations for advancing in devotional service is the observance of Kartika Vrata (special devotional practices) especially in Vrindavana, India, or at some holy place, but anywhere that we worship Krishna during the Vedic month of Kartika, or Damodara, which corresponds to October-November. It began yesterday on the full moon and continues to the following full moon. As the next month of Margashirsha represents Krishna, [Bg 10.35] thi

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German pessimist philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) thought that nirvana, (freedom from suffering) means becoming desireless putting an end to our will. But His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada disagrees….


Arthur Schopenhauer

Hayagriva dasa: Arthur Schopenhauer was a nineteenth-century German philosopher who took some of his ideas from the Indian Vedic literature. For Schopenhauer, happiness meant inactive satisfaction nirvana. Since he thought that the will to enjoy

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GBC SPT is committed to bring to you daily Srimad Bhagavatam discourses to augment your absorption in Krishna during this holy month of Kartika. We are honored to host Sivarama Swami to kick off the series with an exquisite introduction to Krishna Lila in Vrindavan.


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By Chaitanya Charan Das

Our heart is filled with whatever we love the most. As devotees love the Lord the most, we understand that their heart is filled with love for Kṛṣṇa. Yet it remains an esoteric mystery how that love fills and floods their heart, inspiring them to give themselves completely to the Lord, putting aside all other considerations. The more we understand the workings of their heart, the more we can get the inspiration and the direction to make our heart work similarly, even if

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Devotion to the Deities with Sri Radha Govinda Devi
GBC Strategic Planning Team invites you to learn Bhakti alphabets (ABCDE) in their 8-day Sadhana series special talks.
Join us for our Day 4 of our series with alphabet “D” with Sri Radha Govinda Dasi.
About Sri Radha Govinda Devi
Sri Radha Govinda Dasi was born in a Madhva brahmana family in South India. She grew up listening and learning Vaisnava songs and Krishna’s pastimes from her grandfather, [Jayasimha]. She was initiated at 18 by HH Ja

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All good qualities automatically appear in a devotee; there is no need to endeavor for them.

In the book Bhakti-rasamrtasindhu, auspiciousness (Subhada) has been described as one of the six glories of bhakti. The question, “How many kinds of auspiciousness are there?” is answered as follows:

Subhani prinanam
sarva-jagatam anuraktata
sad-gunah sukham ity
adiny akhyatani manisibhih

Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu (Eastern Division, Sadhana-lahari 28)

Learned sages have described the meaning of auspicious

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The Art Of Heart by Achyut Gopal Das

Devotion means attention to details." - Radhanath Swami

As I was having my breakfast at our ISKCON-run restaurant at Vrindavan, I saw one lady chef cut a piece of cake, neatly place it on the center of the plate and wipe the excess cake markings very meticulously with a tissue paper. It was then served to the customer with a knife and fork. I very much appreciated the devotion this lady put in her job. No wonder, why people spend so much extra money in going to high-quality restaurants which
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Performing Devotional service in Kaartik

It is said in Padma Purana that everyone must participate in the different festivals & functions of the Lord as per their economic conditions.

Among these festivals the most important festival is Urja(Energy) Vrat. This is celebrated in the month of Karttika (October-November) month. In this festival the deity of Lord Damodar is worshipped especially in Vrindavan & special programmes of worship are performed. Damodar relates to Krsna, whom His mother Yashoda tied by rope. It is said that, as the

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