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    Hare Krishna dandvats, Mataji. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I do hereby wish you all the best in Krishna consciousness, Gauranga, Radhe Radhe, Hari Bol! Hare Krishna.

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    Dear Bhaktin Carol ,  Hare Krsna,  Please accept the blessings of  Srila Prabhupada and all vaisnava acaryas.  They have left there mercy here in their instructions.  I hope you are well and happy in your Krsna consciousness.   Previously I wanted to spesk a little glorification of Krsna and His devotees in Disscusions  . This was in regard to the different age of Krsna and his dearmost freinds.  This subjeci is so sweetly descrbed in The  Nectar of Devotion.  This age of the souls in Krsnas lilas are eternal.  And to say there is no such spiritual age is rather impersonal.  This impersonal veiw I felt was given too much emphasis and therefore I sought to bring a more personalist presentation.  Unfortunatly It was not so welcomed and I feared I may be expecting too much from the others who began to ridicule the very idea that the soul has an age. Also so many misunderstaning regarding  the use of english came up in the effort to support strongly held impersonal explanations of the Gita. I was not wanting a debate so I discontinued in case there maybe critisism of such personalism. What I hoped would be a nice disscision regarding the spiritual form of Krsna was not to be.  I feel because you didnt make any comments you may be dissapointed.  I  appologise, but  I feel I must keep my heart hidden from  the harsh sceptics who fail to comprhend that they do have an eternal age.    Recently I was telling a freind about the disscusion and he assured me that i was right to present the purely peronal veiwpoint.  So Bhaktin Carol Please tell me what do you think?   Was it so difficult to understand?

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    Hare Krsna,
    Please accept my humble obeisance’s,
    All glories to srila prabhupad.
    Dandvat Pranam,

    I have a daily KC mails group in which I send daily KC mails (Pastimes, Stories, Srila Prabhupad Quotes etc.)to so many devotees if you want to receive the mails simply mail me on with subject "add me" so I can added you in my group & send you daily KC mails.

    One more thing i have a daily SMS group also which i send daily SMS(Prabhupad' Quotes, BG Quotes, Bhagvatm Quotes etc.) if you want send me your mobile numbers also.

    Hari!!!!!!!!! Bol
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    Your Humble Servent in the service of Srila Prabhupada.
    Saci Gaurasundara Dasa
    “To serve the feet of the acaryas in association of the devotees is my desire birth after birth.”
  • Radha Krishan ji

  • Hare krishan radhe ji
    i am sending u a link of purest names of lord krishan plz hear it
    "om namo bhagwate vasu devaya


    Bless me

    your servant
  • Hare Krishna Bhaktin Carol!
    Sorry it took so long to respond to your question, please forgive me. i was preparing for a devotee retreat at our new temple and was completely absorbed for over a month.
    Bala-Gopala likes all colors and he likes Ladus. If you can make small ones for him and offer one to him daily, he will be so happy. If He is your only Deity, you should see if you have time each day to bathe and dress Him and offer a ladu.
    May Radha and Krishna fill your year with Prosperity, Truth, Love, Enlivement, Friends, Support, Encouragement, Courage, Knowledge, Steadfastness and Realizations!

    mother jy
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