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Spiritual counselling

Pranam to all,

I need a personality who can counsel my uncle spiritually. He is undergoing a little depressing period these days. I want him understand the real meaning of life, soul. Currently, he is living his life purely on physical terms and now o

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Dear Devotee's,


Hari Bol. I need a counselling from an enlightened soul on one of my dilemma or fear. Although, I tried a lot to understand the concept of life better but still fear creeps in and unsettles me.


I am working in a MNC. For the past 3-4

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Pranam to all devotee's.


I have been chanting on beads for almost two months. Initial one month was very fulfilling like I used to concentrate well but now I feel I get distracted easily. While chanting my mind wanders like a monkey and lose the way.

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Hari Bol,


Pranam to all devotee's. Yesterday, I was watching a TV programme on discovery channel "Man Vs Wild". It was a special episode, compilation of various previous programes on the meal eaten by the presenter/host of the programme.


At the end o

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After Death

Hare Krishna,


One question keep popping up in my mind is about "after death" life. I have been made to understand that whatever last thought comes in mind at the time of dealth, the soul acquires that type of form in next birth.

Now if there is a situ

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Dear all devotee's,

Namaskar. I have born into a spiritual family. My late grandfather used to do lot of Pooja and chanting on beads. Even my father does lot of chanting. He remembers lot of mantra's. And, I also used to chant mantra's in my childhood

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