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Pranam to all,

I need a personality who can counsel my uncle spiritually. He is undergoing a little depressing period these days. I want him understand the real meaning of life, soul. Currently, he is living his life purely on physical terms and now on the verge of emotional breakdown. I wish him to be initiated into the spiritual realm so that he gets the bigger vision and take the things positively.

Please come forward to help him. We are living in Delhi and meet.


Thanks and regards


Lokesh Sharma



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  • Volunteer

    feed him with Prasadam and You Yourself try to become his first spiritual counselor Prabhuji! pray for him, chant some rounds for him, preach to him by reading and understanding Bhagavad Gita Yourself...

    Your servant, 

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna Prabhu Lokesh,

    Previous acharyas have mentioned the great effects of chanting the Hare Krsna Maha mantra.

    Please try to somehow or other encourage your uncle to listen to it through DVD or the Internet or

    even though chanting in association of devotees you may know. Many devotees have given testimony

    of the positive effects felt when chanting this mantra. Some have even mentioned that they felt the mantra

    helped to reduce their depressive mood (eg http://www.spiritualquest.co.in/life-2/family-life/dealing-depression/)

    Another example is from the article on life of Prabhu Jayananda Thakur. (http://vishoka.com/)

    "So, Jayananda never got distracted by temporary setbacks and problems in this material world. He simply went ahead with his execution of Srila Prabhupada's orders despite all the all pervasive negativity in the world. He persevered through all difficulties by being pro-active in spreading Krishna consciousness. He was the acharya of “doing.” He went out and did tangible feats of huge amounts of service while others talked. He could reverse any negative situation by his natural positive attitude. He was always turning negative energy into positive energy; he could turn the minus into a plus."

    This we can see from Murlikrsna, and other passages in the Jayananda website-

    Murlikrsna said- "Whenever he was around, he was a big guy, a very big man, and he also was very positive, he emanated positive energy. No matter what kind of negative thing came to him, he'd just turn it around and send it right out positive. He'd look at the guy and just turn his head right around, do double back flips, and the guy would go away going, "Jai, Hari bol!" He'd come in like, "Jayananda, there are problems at the temple and we've got to do this and that," and he'd just go, "Ah, Lord Jagannatha!" He'd just be so into devotional service, so into distributing prasadam, so into giving a Gita out to anybody."

    Jayananda turns negative to positive

    Jayananda would always turn a weird situation into doing benefit for the other person. Like the Fisherman's Wharf episode, when the lobster-murder stand people threw hot and stinky fish water at the devotees' feet as they went by on hari-nama. I would have gotten into a fight with them, like yelling and shaking fists, but Jayananda was in control of his senses and approached them with cookies and said, “Thanks for doing such a nice service of cleaning the sidewalk.” This genuinely affected them. Similarly, he was always trying to give prasadam to others, like visitors of the temple, or taking out extra prasadam to the streets for the bums, and so forth. He was found to be cooking prasad for drunks in a bar. He was always asking wandering hippies to help with the carts, not just to get their labor, but to engage them in service for their benefit, knowing that even a little service brings transcendental eternal blessing."

    Hari Bol,

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