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  • Hare Krishna.
    it would be great to interact with you and to learn so much from you.
  • Hare Krishna
  • Hare Krsna Kanu prabhu, All glories to Srila Prabhupada. It is nice to read your exchanges with the devotees, it is encouraging. Good to have someone with your talents. Thanks and Hari bol
  • Dandavats Prabhu, I am back in juhu, been almost a year and a half, I lost my mum last year - thankyou for remembering my parents, I hope u r doin well. What project r u workin on currently? Nice 2 hear from u.
  • I am new and would like to learn more from you all. Love.
  • Hare Krishna Kanu Prabhu,

    Your contributions sounds interesting, we would love to hear more about it.
    My husband (Gunarnava das) & myself began BBA Inc. Bhaktivedanta Benevolent Association Inc. in 2005 - which is a communtiy service that distributes about 1000 prasad packets monthly to 7 community interagencies (serving the disadvantaged) and provides charitable counselling weekly based on Vedic & Bhakti Principles (government endorsed) in conjunction with a local Neighborhood Centre. BBA Inc owns Govinda's Cafe where weekly interactive forums are held based on the teachings of Bhagavat-gita. We both did an MA in Counselling my research thesis explored Values & Beliefs and documented 3 very different qualitative studies on affects of Values & Beliefs. I used (at the time) my poersonal 36 yr journey in Krishna Consciousness as one of the studies.
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