Vedic Solutions: Iron rod in fire

For grahasta devoteesUnderstanding " Iron rod in fire" as essentially a very intense and ideally a continuous process becomes a necessity.We can move from the bodily concept to the spiritual state as eternal servitorsof Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar either on the yoga ladder overzillions of life times or in the express elevator of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu'sSankirtan movement; in this lifetime itself.In the latter the process is very intense like fire!To go through this fire grahastas need constant sadhu sanga and support.This is best done in the traditional format of Deity worship at home, Krishna katha, weekly temple service etc with family and devotee our rapidly expanding devotee community we find that grahastas are hundreds of miles away from sadhu sanga and temples.Hence the need of an internet community of devotees who will needsadhu support through narration of trusted personal experiences over the web!A solid relationship building exercise over the net becomes the next frontier.Please comment.Dandavats n ThanksTags: solutions, vedic


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  • I totally agree, expanded minds and deep awareness and compassion, and carefully chosen words. Pranams, Sri Krishna Sankirtanam ki jai !!!
    • dandavats

      is it possible to start an internet varnashramdharma community?

      hope its not a whacky thought!
  • Vedic Solutions is a service that provides Spiritual Principles and application techniques for all human needs, specially for good health, ample wealth and success in all human endeavors.
    It is the primary web site for a powerful Mind, perfect body and beautiful personality.
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