Sense slaves

The senses are things which must be dealt with and like all things there is a proper way to do itThere are 3 ways to deal with themThe first one is to be controlled by them and let them lead us in a directionwe need to understand that they are like servants to our Jiva and when we let them be our master then they will get confused and lead us too bad ends.when people who are in the nature to serve get placed in the position of power they dont know what to do and they therefore get into troublewhen the emotions get too strong and over power us then we are put into all kinds of calamityThe other Wrong way to deal with emotions is like a slave master who is so affraid of his senses that he beats them to make sure they dont run away. when we beat our senses in this wrong way then we end up like the slave masters of old. the slaves will revolt on us and we will end up in a horrable deathMany times we see people fall down to worse states than before when they are false renunciatesthis is why the middle path is the most difficult sacred and least spoken ofWe need to be aware of what servants are for, they are there to take us to our ends. we need to use them and listen to them and understand them and co-operate with them. There is a constant need to be aware of what is needed and be in a state of conciousness to what our most important end is and how they can be used to get to it.
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  • thank you so much, I needed a reminder to help focus my perception on what is important
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