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Career Query

Hare Krishna,


I have been working for almost 2 years in corporate firm. And I want to go civil services exam preparation.

But then, I wont be able to settle down in city like Pune, Mumbai where I ll get good devotee association but I ll have to t

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Mental Offence?

Hare Krishna,


I see Some bramhachari devotees using personal vehicles(cars), branded laptops, smart phones. Is it allowed by scriptures. 

Is it a mental offence to get question like this?

I ask my colleagues, friends to come for programs, for donat

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Please help

hare Krishna

I am chanting from 3 years.

I want to become devotee of Krishna but don't want to do it by just assuming stuff and go ahead with that. Devotion is something that can never be faked and i don't know i should go ahead or not.

For some time we

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Hare Krishna.


I am going through little bad patch of life. Many things are going wrong way. Workload and other personal worrisome things are there.

I have tendency to relate everything to Krishna. I know I have some misconceptions which I need to

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Free Will

hk prjis/matajis,


I understand Lord Krishna has given us free will to choose.

In 1 of other discussion in this forum, it is explained that 4 things are predetermined in life.

1. Death Time

2. Wealth

3. Education

4. Intellect

Almost all things in life

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