Hare Krishna.


I am going through little bad patch of life. Many things are going wrong way. Workload and other personal worrisome things are there.

I have tendency to relate everything to Krishna. I know I have some misconceptions which I need to get cleared from devotees asap.

Because of these misconceptions, I  am not able to understand how Krishna cant help me in my problems/why doesn't krishna help me.

So, sometimes i end up blaming Krishna. Then I repent it badly. I feel bad about it. What do i do?


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    You say you haev a habit of relating everything to Krsna. When something good happens, do you think at that time - why me? Why is Krsna being so merciful towards me? I wont be surprised if you think at that time that you are getting that happiness due to your hard work or that you deserve to get taht happiness. That is the normal tendency.

    Anyways, the bad times are the times when we learn the lessons that life has to teach us. It is said that the soul has to continously evolve and there are certain lifetimes when it takes the entire lifetime for the soul to learn the lesson. Do we learn any lesson from life when we are happy or inour good times? So, try to learn the lesson life is trying to teach you. God gives us bad experiences to make us better, not to make us bitter.

    If you think your problems are too much, look around you. YOu will realise that the lives other people are leading are much much worse and you are much better off. Your problems are nothing compared to others. That is what I have learnt from life.

    If the same situation is coming to you again and again, then maybe youare not learning the lesson life is tryin to teach you. Pls examine.

    Regarding blaming God - once you realise that whatever you are going through is a result of your own karma, you wil lnot blame God. Channelise your energy in thinking that God - I have this problem today which I am unable to solve, pls help me. Asking for help is much better than blaming.

    Best of luck,


    Your servant,


  • Hare Krsna,

    To my understanding:

    Suffering and Happiness are due to a person's past karma. Lord Krishna asks us to tolerate these. Always remember that suffering is only bodily and can never harm the soul itself. So no one is actually harming you the soul. What is there to feel bad about? Also as previously stated the person suffers from his/her own past karma, not because Krsna wants you to suffer.

    So no point in blaming Krsna. We just need to be tolerant. It may be easy to say but may be difficult to practice. To practice we need Krsna's mercy. 

    For example even when Sudhama was undergoing hardships he considered them transitory and not binding on the soul and worshipped Lord Krsna. On his wife's suggestion he went to Mathura to ask help from Krsna who was emphatic and glorious in his kindness towards Sudhama. I think you know the story.

    Hare KRsna!

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Vaishnava vrinda ki jaya


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