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  • Radhe Radhe,

    Thanks for giving me the encouragement by reading my messages. May God bless you.


    Take care.

  • Volunteer
    hare krsna,
    we would like to invite you to join our vaishnava group

  • ....radhe krishna...
  • Radhe Radhe,
    My best wishes are with you. May your devotion increases day by day.

    Take care.
  • yeah thats me
  • hare krsna am sorry for replying late to u , well for calling from outside india u hv to prefix the country code i,e +91 - 9999011220 .
    also am having srimad bhagvtam and collective books of srila prabhupada all in brand new condition , in collectives i hv jaladuta diary and beginning days i.e before the foundation of iskcon the diary of prabhupada maintaing his thoughts all in his own hand writing a collectors collection if u intrested u can call me .
  • Haribol! Thank you so much for the kind message! I appreciate the advice on starting with the Pancha Tattva mantra - I will certainly try it! Have you had much luck so far in your search to associate with devotees? I have emailed two closest ISKCON facilities to me but have not had a reply from either. If nothing else, I am planning on visiting the Palace of Gold this coming summer and hopefully will receive some guidance there.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    Hare Krsna!
  • hare krishna
  • Hare Krishna,
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