Prem Ras Madira

Prem Ras Madira

Prakeern Madhuri
(Sweetness of General Songs of Radha Krishna)

Apanapan rakhna mere Ghanshyam.
"Oh, my beloved Ghanshyam Krishna! Please think of me as Your own."

Ghadi ghadi pal pal nam tiharo,
rate meri rasna, mere Ghanshyam.
"Oh, my Ghanshyam! My only desire is that your name should be on my tongue every moment."

Lali-Lal dai garbahin, hamare hiya basna, mere Ghanshyam.
"Oh, my Ghanshyam! May You and Radha, standing with Your arms around each Other's necks, reside in my heart all the time..."

Bhav hindore dari kiye main, julaun nit jhulna, mere Ghanshyam.
" I may swing Both of You on the beautiful swing of my loving emotions."

Dai uphar har ansuvan ko, banaloon tujhe apana, mere Ghanshyam.
"Oh Ghanshyam Krishna! In this way, offering You a garland of my selfless tears of love, may I make You mine forever."
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  • Radhey Radhey................wonderful song MATA jI............
  • I will sung clip of the same to enhance the same.

    Radhe Radhe
  • so sweet
  • I had herad this song long before thanks
    Radhe radhe
  • Hari Bol ............. very sweet.......
  • thanks for this swweeeeeeeeeeet memorization of Radha krishana Love for me
  • coooo chweet..........
  • Most Beautiful devoution I could think of
  • hare krisna
    very beautiful
  • Hari bol.
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