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  • Hare Krishna Geeta Mata. I was not online for long time. Missed your text and quote explantion. shall read now one by one.

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

    Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

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  • Hare Krishna Mataji..thanx for accepting me as ur friend...please make me more Krishna Conscious so that my husband will be happy with my progress....
  • Jai Shri Krishna....


    Dear Mataji,

    I look forward to your blogs because its so exciting and fun to read.  most times even enlightening because of things that I never knew!



  • Radhe Radhe mata ji, AGTSP. thank you for your messages.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji.

    Welcome to Krishna's world 


    Hari Bol.....

  • jay radhey.....
  • mataji pranam.....
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