Vaishnava Behavior is Inspiring for Everyone

Vaishnava Behavior Inspiring every one
Humbleness is appreciated. SP Letter to Janardana (January 21, 1968)

This Krsna consciousness movement through music, philosophy, spiritual culture, and personal behavior culminating in ideal character of the devotees. All these heavenly contributions combined together will certainly bring about a major change in the life of Western people. SP Letter to Sivananda (September 14, 1968)

You are right. We must all become ideal in character and then people will become very impressed with such purity. A devotee is faultless-he has no flaws. SP Letter to Batu Gopala (February 1, 1975)

But, on the other hand, if we don't follow: It is nice that you are doing preaching work there, but you should know that such practices like stealing are against the principles of Krsna consciousness. I always want that my students should be very ideal in character and not discredit our society. SP Letter to Madhavi Lata (October 28, 1968) Stealing It is very good you have received permission for chanting and distributing literature as well as collecting. Now you should concentrate to develop your spiritual power to attract the fallen souls to Krsna consciousness. The daily regulative duties must be performed by everyone very strictly: the beads chanted sixteen rounds, and our literatures read and discussed. In this way, everything should be done very nicely. Sankirtana should be done by you in the streets and at gatherings and in this manner display what is this Krsna consciousness movement and how it is for everyone's eternal welfare and happiness. So you do all these with great enthusiasm and very carefully. Our all activities must be open so that no one may criticize our mission. So all dealings must be to the standard of Vaishnavism. We cannot misrepresent ourselves for the purpose of taking monies from the public, but as everything is undertaken forthrightly in a Krsna consciousness way, then Lord Krsna will be pleased to provide all facilities for aiding our such sincere service. SP Letter to Sridama (July 8, 1970)


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