1. Do not allow anything to weaken your body and dampen your spirit. Whatever time you have, one day or one hundred years, is simply meant for you to serve Krishna. Take this opportunity. That is really what matters. Everything else is just Maya. 2. Express all your inner feelings and emotions through your prayers to Krishna. He will take care of you in all respects. Rest assured He will never fail you. 3. Try to take everything in your stride and try to accept every situation, especially the difficult one’s, as Krishna divine arrangement to bring you closer to His lotus feets. 4. Always remember that you are not this body but the sprite soul. Therefore, pleasure or pain, both are immaterial to you. When pleasure comes, accept this as Krishna’s mercy and when pain comes, take is as your bad karma. 5. Devotional service is so powerful that we don’t have to strive separately for austerity. All other processes should eventually lead to bhakti. 6. Our anarthas and material attachments prevent us from seeing a pure devotee. We have to purify our own hearts. 7. We must develop attachment to sadhus and engage in the service of Krishna. The result is that the heart will became peaceful and from that state of tranquility we will develop ecstasy, bliss and joy. 8. When one receive Krishna’s mercy not only does one’s life becomes meaningful, it becomes absolutely successful. 9. The holy dharma is where loving devotional service is performed.

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