Etiquette in Management

Etiquette in Management

ISKCON is a spiritual organization personally established by Srila Prabhupada. We must to take care that it doesn't become material. Anything (husband-wife relationship, Deity worship, even prasadam) can turn material by one's consciousness. In any Society, there must be some organization and management, otherwise there will be chaos. Even in the spiritual world, Krsna's friends are subdivided and supervised (Lord Balarama is group leader for his cowherd boy friends; Candravali and Radharani head up left-wing and right-wing gopis, etc). ISKCON is no different. In order for people interact in a harmonious fashion, dealings and activities must be regulated and orchestrated.
01. The material nature is the world of exploitation but the spiritual nature is the world of service.
02. ISKCON is a spiritual organization. Regardless of position everyone is first and foremost a servant of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada. No one should exploit his position for selfish interests.

Don't be Selfish

03. Higher position means greater service. Position means an opportunity to purely represent Srila Prabhupada. Hence our management must be based on humility and tolerance.

Trinadapi Sunichena

04. Treat your subordinates as younger brothers.
05. Leadership is based on spiritual qualification, not on anything material. A mature, dedicated preacher makes the best leader.
06. A leader's character must be spotless.
07. Leaders must feel for their followers, then the followers will naturally trust them.
08. It is important to lead with detachment and guide with a strong sense of duty.
09. Krsna conscious management is autocratic and democratic.
10. Talk to devotees and be open to new ideas.

New Ideas

11. Don't hide anything from the Vaisnava's.

Don't Hide

12. There should be more than one signer for bank accounts, buying of properties etc.
13. It is best if all incoming funds are declared before the Deities, Srila Prabhupada, and the Vaisnavas.
14. All incoming funds should be deposited in the bank and then spent from the account.
Quotes from Srila Prabhupada
The sweetness of Lord Krsna is not to be tasted by those who consider themselves equal to Krsna. It is to be tasted only through the sentiment of servitude. CC Adi-lila 6.103
…Or you may follow your other plan, but however you do it, do it jointly by combined consultation. If you do it jointly in this way, you will get strength to decide the right thing.
SP letter to Hamsaduta (July 11, 1970)
One thing is, too much competition between centers is not good, the emphasis should be on co-operation, not competition.

No Competition

SP letter to Amogha (May 9, 1972)
Please do your duty combinedly without any disruption of peaceful attitudes amongst yourselves. We are pushing our movement on the background of a peaceful atmosphere in the world, and if we show a little disturbance in our own camp that will not be a very good example, therefore, everyone should be forbearing, tolerant and cooperative.


SP letter to Janaki (January 18, 1969)
Krsna consciousness is such an important mission, the devotees should cooperate, even if there were discrepancies [insufficient income, inadequate diet]. The material world is like an ocean, and there would always be waves." Lilamrta Volume V p. 9
Now all my disciples must work combinedly and with cooperation to spread this sankirtan movement. If you cannot work together, then my work is stopped up. Our Society is like one big family and our relationship should be based on love and trust. We must give up the fighting spirit and use our intelligence to push ahead. You should accept help from your Godbrothers.
SP letter to Upendra (August 6, 1970)
"Yes, following the rules and regulations is the real qualification of GBC. We have made things easy for being qualified for such position, but still they are violating… Your conclusion is very good and I very much appreciate that GBC or XYZ you are always servant of Krsna. That is wanted.
SP letter to Kirtanananda (November 12, 1974)
When a KC person is elevated to a responsible position, he becomes humble, as a tree laden with fruits.
When a Krishna Conscious person is elevated to a responsible position, he never becomes puffed up. Just like a tree when overladen with fruits becomes humble and lower down; similarly, a great soul in Krishna Consciousness becomes humbler than the grass and bowed down like the fruitful trees because a Krishna Conscious person acts as the agent of Krishna, therefore he discharges his duty with great responsibility.
SP letter to Gajendra (January 27, 1970)
Spiritual Management
Prabhupada said he knew "the pulse of his disciples." Thus he had recently [1972] sensed a tendency to be too absorbed in management and not enough in preaching. He had been telling his secretary that G.B.C. men should not simply sit behind their desks and try to centralize power but should become detached, take sannyasa, and travel and preach. Now he had advised that they not give up their managerial burden but follow his example of preaching and managing their G.B.C. zones in a renounced spirit. Lilamrta Volume V p. 91
My request to you is that you try to follow the authorities there-the temple president, the GBC, etc. Cooperate nicely with them. Our movement is based on love and trust, so if we do not cooperate, then how is that love and trust? Follow all of the rules and regulations very strictly without deviation, chant 16 rounds, attend class and mangal arati, and then everything will be all right.
SP letter to Krsnavesa (January 16, 1975)
This surrendering process is unconditional. Surrendering does not mean that one should only surrender in favorable circumstances. That is not surrender. Surrendering means that in any condition the surrendering process must continue. [And what is an important part of that surrendering process?] …You must work conjointly. That is my desire. And if you fight amongst yourselves for some individual interests, that is not surrender.
SP letter to Krsna dasa (March 5, 1969)
Krsna consciousness means full cooperation with Krsna, and Krsna means with all his entourage. We should always remember this. Just like when we speak of a tree, it includes the root, the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the flowers-everything. Therefore to love Krsna means to love Him along with all His Name, His fame, His qualities, His entourage, His abode, His devotees, etc.
SP letter to Yamuna (March 2, 1970)