hore krishna.



            I wish you a very happy and krishna-conscious new year.

            I am writing below a poem about guru moharaj HH Bhakti Charu Moharaj. Pls rectify me if i have written any wrong.


            'Guru Moharaj'



The darkness and sin all around

  I am left alone,

 Restless, helpless and blind

 Oh! Lord, thy fallen Son.


Not the light of self realization

 Nay the faith in thou Almighty

 We, the slave of pleasure mundane

  Lost at the fleeting beauty.


 Who shall show the light  supreme

 And taste the nectar divine?

Who shall guide to heavenly abode

 'Sat-Chit-Ananda' the only being.


  Thou Glory, Oh! Gurumaharaj,

  Srila, Bhakti Charu Swami,

   You are amongst us

 Thy very purest companion

   Makes  all Krishna-concious.


 Thou are the art of Lord Sri  Krishna

Untiring in thy love and  deed

 Saving us from the darkest danger

Our humble 'Pranam' at thy feet.


The world,  the place of  utter  trial

 If thou art does not  preach amongst us

 Our thank to the Loving Lord Krishna

 Thou gifted soul guiding holy mass.



                                          hori bol,

                                           your aspiring servent,

                                            suman bhattacharya.