Dear Devotees,


Guru Maharaj left Ujjain on Thursday, 29th March 2012, morning for Delhi where he was for
less than a day on way to Singapore and Australia.

I had the great fortune of travelling with Guru Maharaj to Delhi and
staying at the residence of HG Radha Krishna Pr and HG Premamanjari Mataji
who were the most wonderful hosts and an eye opener to all in how they
are utilizing every moment in preaching activities. Also aiding them in
their preaching activities were two twin brothers Anand and Atma Pr who
have dedicated all their talent and resources for the pleasure of Guru
Born and brought up in London, served in the British army and studied at
the London school of Economics are now fully engaged in the service of Guru
Maharaj. Also there was HG Vraj Mohan Pr from Vrindavan a born preacher who
was reciting from Chaityna Charitamrita while Guru Maharaj was taking his

The quality of the photos are not up to the mark being shot indoors with
insufficient light. Kindly forgive me for the same.

Your humble servant,

Mukunda Dasa

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