• What is your opinion of girls and boys who interact via chatting in the social media network? Isn't this creating subtle attraction to each other even though they are not speaking physically to each other?

    • i guess that is wrong

  • Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Srila Prabhupada strictly forbids this non sensical culture of boy friend girlfriend...

    If you want to interact with mataji or prabhuji get married, theres no shortcut to this as our mind thinks always.

    Always remember KC is simple if your simple, its complicated if your complicated


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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    If true this union of man and woman is not so ordinary thing. 

    If we knew that how much we are loosing or gaining by doing this we would use it very carefully.

    Even by just kiss we get so much of information or karma from another person so what to speak of sexual intercourse?!

    It says we are connected with our ancestors for so many generations. 

    This huge family karma influences our life.

    If we have a nice ancestor then they pray for us or help us in life. Or else we do the same to them...

    And girl who unites with man for the first time then she will be connected to his family linage.

    That means she will get children from his family lineage -  from his ancestors. 

    That means children won't bring much problem - because karma is almost similar. Well understandings will be there; amount of intelligence, education, beauty...will be almost similar...

    But if girl has many man then she will mix up whole family generations. She brings first man's family linage to the second man. As a result man will have not his own child but the soul who was in the family linage of another man.  

    Child will be different, this way there will appear many misunderstandings among kids and parents...

    When man and woman unites not only they both are engaged in this process but whole universe. 

    So it is not very simple act to use it as like cats and dogs.

    Even cats and dogs have some responsibility over it that they give birth to children and take care of them but we - humans of this age haven't.

    And it says that if both man and girl are virgin then they can get a very powerful child. 

    Your servant, 

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    Hare KRsna Mataji,


    It is not considered right for a couple to interact before marraige or if they have no intention of marraige. The reasons are obvious - the more we interact with anyone, the more we develop attachment for them. Attachment between man and woman ultimately leads to a physical relationship and any relationship outside of marraige is considered abominable even inthe material world.

    People argue that every person of the opposite sex one interacts with, one is not thinking of marraige !!! That may be true initially, but who can stop the mind from developing attachment and then one thing leads to another. I am sure we are not talking fo brother sister relationship here.

    Shastras mention that woman is like butter and man is like fire. What will happen if you place the two together? It is even prohibited for a man to interact with sister and daughter in secluded place. This is there for a reason. The baser instincts tend to take over and then no amount of reasoning works.

    The modern trends or notions keep on getting updated, but there are no updated versions of vedas or puranas or Bhagawatam or Gita. Why is that? Because the knowledge given in that is shashwat - eternal, true for all ages and times. It does not need to change with the times or get updated.

    I hope I have given you enough reasons to give your friends...


    Your servant,


  • thank u for the solution you gave i guess it will help me to explain to others this

  • We must strictly following the four regulative principles:

    1. No illicit sex life [sex is only for having children in marriage, nothing else]
    2. No meat eating
    3. No gambling
    4. No intoxication

    • you are right but when you tel this to people they dont want to agree and thats why av come 4 the solution how to explain to them this

  • Hare Krishna..
    Lets leave aside whether it is right or not for a moment. It depends on your nature. What would your nature tell you to do at that time, you will do it. Eventhough somebody says its wrong or right. Somebody would go ahead and somebody would stop. Keeping the feelings in mind but moving away from interaction is hypocrisy. Its what Lord said in Gita.
    You will ultimately do what your nature tells you to do.
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